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After COVID-19 outbreak the way how all businesses were run has drastically changed. You have been wondering how your competitors are pivoting their businesses and what new strategies have implemented. If you are a coach or consultant, you may realize how important online sessions and online strategies are now for your business. 

For the last months, Dreams Animation has had the great opportunity to accompany the process of redesigning business strategies for many coaches in the USA. For this reason, we’ve decided to share with you useful tips at the moment to have video sessions with your clients, these tips will allow you to amplify better results for your clients. 

Foremost, It’s important to manage the time session you want to offer. Before starting you should write down your meeting decisions from start to finish, an effective and powerful session should last between 40 to 60 minutes, although this depends on the type of coaching service you offer and the level of engagement your client decided to have. 

Another important recommendation is to break your meeting in 3 stages: 1) pre-session, 2) during the session, and 3) at the end of the session, this will improve the quality of your video session and a better educational process to your clients. 



A great perk for your clients can be to offer the recording of the session. With this, they will be able to listen to it at their convenience. 

It’s important you set the time or to have a watch next to you, this will help you to put some level of pressure actually perform more optimally given increased focus. 

Each session client has a different approach but it’s vital to organize the session agenda as a set of questions that will be answered from you, using this process will help you to create focus and you can control the end of the meeting. You’ll realize if the session has been successful because all your initial questions have been answered during your Live Video.
Furthermore, create presence matters, you need your clients or viewers to be actively engaged by asking yes-or-no questions during your video explaining they have to respond to the chat. Video calls are more effective when people can see each other’s facial expressions, so consider asking your client to sit close to the camera to almost recreate the intimacy of an in-person session.


During the session

Start on time, it’s one of the big key points because even if someone connects late they know you are serious with your sessions. On the other side, different studies show that ending any meeting late is stressful for people.
As you are the person who leads the meeting, your mood matters, so start the session with energy, appreciation, and gratitude, especially during this challenging time of COVID and riots around the world. This promotes more listening and constructiveness over the conversation. You will face some moments during the session that your client rambles about some topic that you wanted to approach, in this case, you should find a way to interrupt kindly and redirect the conversation. 



The best way to end any session is to be sure to clarify takeaways, never finish the session if you see that your client is hesitating what was accomplished or what the next steps are. An extra bonus for your clients can be an email where you briefly explain what the topics discussed at the session and new goals set up or an email offering the recording of the session. This email will be useful as a kind reminder for them and from this, you can design the agenda for the future session. 

If you consider all the tips mentioned above then include them in your daily sessions, we assure you will start to see the improvement in each session 🙂 

Dreams Animation is very committed to helping influencers, coaches, consultants, and business owners with the highest quality services, strategies, and excellent customer service that will help your business grow in the digital ecosystem. If you are interested to know more about how we can give you a hand or pivot your business contact us, and take advantage of your competitors while they are stunned. 

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