The 3 Biggest Opportunities For Influencers in The Current Digital Market

By Ricardo Diaz De La Vega CEO Dreams Animation 


According to Forbes, 63% of consumers have actually spent more time over the past two months viewing and posting on social media platforms, which has increased the traffic of influencers, coaches, consultants, and business leaders websites. Despite the fact of Covid-19, influencers have continued to drive the conversation about brands, and drive more sales from their social media platform and websites. Currently, Influencer marketing presents a unique and timely opportunity for companies to engage with a thoughtful, nuanced approach. Through Dreams Animation’s experience, we have determined the 3 biggest opportunities for influencers or any business leaders in the current digital market. 


Influential Changes 

The world won’t be getting back to a complete normal anytime soon. Influencers have realized their audience is looking for new and different content. So if you want to become a  successful influencer, you should think about how to help and bring some positive light to people through what you do. People want to feel connected and be part of something bigger than themselves. In this hardship time influencers have the opportunity to share the things that for so long but never found the time or courage to shift the content. This is a time where you need to remain transparent and real.


Pump your audience with the right content 

 Audiences are bombarded with so much information daily, that they don’t have time to engage with it and they’re used to this content that it doesn’t penetrate them emotionally which results in making them being indifferent to it. When influencers speak from their hearts with real-life stories and opinions, their content resonates. The message should show consumers that you choose to portray your outreach, your visual content, and your overall offering, more than only getting social recognition. 


The influencer moment is now. 

This is the moment to take advantage that companies can’t promote themselves through a famous model, coordinating locations, and photographers to produce content in advance. That’s why influencers have stepped in to solve the problem, delivering content faster, with a competitive price, and more relevant to the audience. Here it’s important that your content will be aligned to your business vision and be reflected on your website. If this doesn’t have a connection all your effort will be useless. 

As shown before, the digital market has evolved, and it’s aperture new opportunities for people who want to take this challenge and make the best of it. We invite you to visit our portfolio and get more inspiration. If you want to learn more about how to create powerful content for your website and empower your personal brand statement contact us. Dreams Animation’s team is willing to guide all influencers, coaches, consultants, and business leaders that want to excel in leadership showing their emotions and mindset on a purpose-driven website. 

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