Welcome to Dreams Animation, a visionary web development company founded in the big apple New York City in 2011 by the dynamic duo of Ricardo and Nucha Diaz De La Vega. This remarkable journey began with a burning desire to empower entrepreneurs with an exceptional online presence and outstanding advertising capabilities, all at affordable rates.
Ricardo Diaz De La Vega, our ingenious founder, recognized that businesses thrive when equipped with sufficient capital and have access to the finest marketing talent. He realized that companies with a well-crafted marketing strategy possess a significant advantage in reaching the pinnacle of success. However, he also understood that budget constraints often act as a formidable barrier to obtaining top-notch designs, web development, and unwavering commitment.

Driven by his indomitable spirit, Ricardo embarked on a quest to create Dreams Animation—an agency that would rival the expertise of larger web agencies in New York. Armed with an education from renowned institutions and a remarkable eye guided by exceptional creativity, he decided to forge his own path. Dreams Animation was born, offering competitive rates and unparalleled quality to ensure that countless business owners could access exceptional websites and advertising solutions without breaking the bank.

Like many renowned brands that emerged from humble beginnings, Dreams Animation started in a modest basement. In a remarkably short span of time, word of our unrivaled capabilities spread throughout the streets of New York, attracting clients from diverse industries. This led to our participation in the prestigious Web Summit as part of the beta program, along with securing contracts for software development in Israel. Our portfolio expanded to include advertising campaigns for prominent brands such as Frito Lay, Latin Lover Energy Drink, the United Nations, Farmers Insurance, Cadillac, Major World, The Dominican Film Festival, CPR123, and many other corporate giants.

Today, Dreams Animation stands tall as a hub for talented designers, web developers, and digital marketing strategists. We have become a trusted partner for contractors and construction business owners across the United States, helping them transform their online presence and achieve remarkable success. Our dedication to excellence has been duly recognized through numerous awards in web development, ecommerce solutions, and social media management over the past seven years.

As we continue to push boundaries and exceed expectations, we invite you to embark on an extraordinary journey with Dreams Animation. Join us in shaping the digital landscape, unlocking new possibilities, and crafting a brighter future for businesses worldwide. Together, let’s make dreams come alive.

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Meet Our CEO

The inner force within Dreams Animation

Ricardo Diaz De La Vega is not just your ordinary entrepreneur; he is a powerful figure in the world of business, a visionary leader, and a true force to be reckoned with. With nearly 20 years of experience as the CEO and Creative Director of DreamsAnimation.com, Ricardo has proven time and time again his ability to drive success and deliver exceptional results.

Arriving in New York from Peru in 2008 with nothing but a bachelor’s degree in arts and a burning passion to create and sell new ideas, Ricardo embarked on a journey that would transform his small basement graphic design business into an award-winning Web Development & Advertising Agency in the heart of New York City. Today, DreamsAnimation.com stands tall as a testament to his unwavering dedication and entrepreneurial spirit.

Under Ricardo’s leadership, DreamsAnimation.com has expanded its services beyond web development, branching out into business consulting, PR, and brand awareness. His strategic vision and innovative approach have attracted high-profile clients such as the United Nations, Cadillac, Farmers Insurance, CPR123, and the Dominican Film Festival, among many others. Ricardo’s commitment to supporting small business owners in America has earned him numerous accolades and honors, including being recognized as the “Top Latino Leader” by Senator Robert Menendez in 2019 and receiving the prestigious “Top Hispanic Business Owner of the Year” award in 2017.

Beyond his impressive professional achievements, Ricardo has consistently pushed the boundaries of creativity and technology. His foresight led to the development of the social media app “Soldi” in 2013, which featured innovative features that were ahead of its time and later adopted by Facebook. In 2015, Ricardo partnered with Daniel Kohan to create “deafbeatz.com,” a groundbreaking music platform that aimed to empower talented musicians and singers. The platform gained global recognition and was selected for the prestigious Beta Program at the Web Summit 2015 in Dublin, Ireland.

In 2016, Ricardo identified the challenges faced by the Latino business community and launched www.latinmaps.com, a platform dedicated to promoting and supporting Latino-owned businesses. The platform experienced exponential growth during the pandemic, reaching over 30,000 businesses in 2020-2021.

Ricardo’s professional achievements are matched only by his personal fulfillment as a husband and proud father of three intelligent and beautiful children. His dedication to his family, community, and the pursuit of excellence is evident in everything he does.

When you choose to work with Ricardo Diaz De La Vega and his team, you are not just partnering with an experienced CEO and CMO; you are aligning yourself with a visionary leader who will go above and beyond to ensure your success. Ricardo’s commitment to customer satisfaction, innovative thinking, and his remarkable track record make him the ideal partner for any business seeking growth, transformation, and a powerful ally in the competitive world of corporate America.


Company visions change with the time, but the values people hold to guide them towards that vision are priceless and unforgettable. Here are the Dreams Animation’s core values that we bring to every client.


At Dreams Animation, our purpose extends far beyond financial gain. We are driven by a deep-rooted desire to support meaningful missions around the world and genuinely witness the success of our clients. Inspired by the teachings of renowned mentors like Tony Robbins, we understand the significance of crafting a compelling “Why” that resonates with our team, clients, and the greater community.

At Dreams Animation, our mission is to empower business owners to get online, grow, and thrive in the digital realm. With our expertise in web development and digital marketing, we simplify the process, making it easy and enjoyable for you to achieve your online goals. We provide the tools and strategies you need to create a captivating online presence, grow your brand, and thrive in today’s competitive landscape. Let us be your partner on the journey to success.

Words from our founder

A t Dreams Animation, our mission is to empower entrepreneurs with robust websites, premium designs & graphic assets, persuasive storytelling, call to actions and SEO ready to aggressively grow and master their digital real estate..

As a first-stage entrepreneur or being in business for a few years, I know you are facing new challenges every day due to the evolution of digital marketing. Whether it’s determining how you’re going to acquire new clients, how much revenue you are seeking to make, what will be the language to attract more clients, what kind of digital strategy you should apply or figuring out how you’re going to make your site rank properly in Google, it seems at times you find yourself wishing you had an instruction manual to build your online Brand.

It’s okay and we understand. That’s why Dreams Animation is here to help.

Dreams Animation, is the catalyst that enables first-stage entrepreneurs like yourself to catapult your business to the right track and with that you’ll save at least 3 years of failures and terrible mistakes by dealing with the wrong advisers, people without any experience on building companies, or regular developers or web designers who are just focus on passing you the bill. We bring to the table 15 years of experience and business mindset embedded on each of our projects.

We are probably the only web firm in America focus on empower you with the state-of-the-art website you need to grow your business to more than US$500,000 in sales in the first 12 months, also we’ll guide you to adopt the right mindset to make yourself a better entrepreneur and leader.
I hope we can work together and bring your idea into reality. Just say YES!


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