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1st Page Google



1st Page Google

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Sam Younessian - Founder CPR123.COM

They rebranded my logo and website, putting us on the map, which alone has made us appealing to other clients and partnerships. After one and a half years, we’ve grown from $3M/year to $5.5M this year, with the goal of reaching $10M by next year. Having access to a large team of digital marketers for a flat fee is invaluable. I wouldn’t know how to hire or train my own team if I wanted to do this independently, not to mention additional employer obligations.


Setup to start Local SEO Package

Onsite SEO

On-page content optimization for 10 primary keywords preapproved by client.

Keyword research

Extensive keyword research to determine the most relevant keywords.

Internal linking optimization

Development and improvement of internal linking structure.

Up to 10 pages

Development and improvement of internal linking structure.Depending on the website up to 10 pages of your website will be optimized.

Content writing

Content writing to improve the on-page optimization of selected keywords.

Baseline ranking report

Pre-optimization ranking report to determine the baseline rankings.

Title tag optimization

Optimization of title tags for each of the optimized pages.

Content Optimizacion

Utilization of existing textual content to optimize for relevant keywords.

Monthly ranking report

Ongoing ranking report generation to track the improvements over time.

Meta description optimization

Meta description optimization for improved click-through rates.

Heading Optimization

Creation and optimization of heading tags to target campaign keywords.

Initial backlink analysis

Link profile analysis to uncover link development opportunities.

All Local SEO Packages Include

Link Development

On-page content optimization for 10 primary keywords preapproved by client.

Ranking Reports

After a keyword list has been established and approved by the client, we will generate a baseline ranking report to determine our starting point. This ranking report will be followed by monthly or quarterly reports to track the progress of the SEO campaign.

Content Writing

Content Writing is an important component of a local SEO campaign as the process of rewriting of existing content, as well as the generation of new content (and pages) will help search engines better understand the relevance of a website to given list of keywords.

Local Business Listing

Whether a business has a single location or multiple, our local SEO campaigns include the creation/optimization of local business listings on services such as Google My Business, Apple Maps, and Facebook.

Google Analytics Installation

In order to track the traffic generated by SEO activities, and help optimize conversions over time, we will install Google Analytics on your website to facilitate this portion of the campaign.

Competitive Analytics

Every business has competition, so we will work with you to identify and study the toughest competitors and develop an SEO action-plan to create a level playing field so that your website can compete successfully.

On-Page SEO

In additional to technical SEO recommendations, our optimization process includes on-page optimization which develops optimized heading, as well as content improvements and the development of a strong internal link profile.

Title & Meta Tags Optimization

One of the most important components of SEO, page titles are optimized as part of every local SEO campaign to help emphasize the importance of the keywords selected by the keyword research proccess.

Keyword Research

Keyword analysis involves measuring search volume, competition, and difficulty of ranking for each keyword. This process helps to determine which keywords will be most beneficial for a local business and how to optimize website content, metadata, and other online assets for better search engine rankings and increased website traffic.

Call 212.202.0767


Call 212.202.0767


Discover why your website
is not ranking!
Discover why
your website
is not ranking!

This starter SEO solution is a comprehensive audit designed to help business owners identify the reasons for poor search engine rankings. It provides insights into domain authority, keyword and competitor analysis, and a comprehensive blueprint with recommendations to improve your website’s performance in the next 30 days.

This SEO Audit solution normally cost $450, but you can get it now for just $97.

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