You can have your own tech team for a flat fee every month.
Our service covers website maintenance, graphic design,
hosting, development, security and tactics to gain online reputation.


$100/ mo


$250/ mo

  • Everything you need
  • to increase leads, and
  • conversions while you update
  • your voice.
  • 4 hours / mo

Web Maintenance Plans

Pick a plan and your tech team will start working.

Monthly price$100$150$250
Assistance 24/7
Number of working hours per month1 hr2 hrs4 hrs
Edits, changes, coding, and fixes
WordPress updates handled
Fixing contact forms
Updates, security, backups
Lite Graphic design
Holiday Designs & GIF
Good for eCommerce clients (optional)
Add products to your online store (optional)
Phone & email support


We understand how busy you are as a business owner. You need your website to be working as hard as you do, and you can’t afford the repair time, stress and missed sales opportunities that can result if it goes down. At Dreams Animation, we have the expertise to diagnose and repair any website issues you may encounter. Our team will make getting your website back online a top priority to ensure that you don’t lose out on potential sales. With plans starting at $99 a month for 60 minutes of intense maintenance work, Dreams Animation is an affordable and reliable option to ensure your online presence is secure and unshakeable.

Our Service:

 Consultation – we ensure that we have a thorough knowledge of your brand identity as well as your vision for your new logo.Code Optimization – imagine if a new browser enters the scene. Your website isn’t going to run smoothly without some adjustments. We will update your site for any new browsers or platforms to ensure that everyone can access your site.
Holiday Updates – we’ll keep your business on top of the game during the holidays by adding seasonal graphics to your website.
Security – we offer security evaluation, off-site backups and SLL certifications to give you invaluable peace of mind.
Updates – your website needs to keep up with new developments in your business. Whether you need to add extra content, pages, forms, features or functions, we can ensure that your website always delivers what you need it to.
Repairs – we offer 24/7 support for your website to fix any delays, broken links, error codes or glitches that may arise.

Have your own tech team for a few bucks a month


DreamsCommerce™ gives you the power to have your very own webmaster.

We’ll handle your web design needs: Edit current pages, add new pages, change colors, switch pictures, menu adjustments, modify layouts, create new sections, edit sliders, change contact forms, and more.

We’ll perform your WordPress updates for you: Plugin updates, theme updates, latest version of WordPress, PHP updates, and more. We can also troubleshoot any issues that arise from updates or conflicts.

We’ll handle the ongoing technical maintenance your website requires: Software updates, browser compatibility, malware issues, integration updates, PHP upgrades, plugin updates, troubleshooting, and more.

Let us troubleshoot and fix your website errors: HTML problems, script errors, CSS fixes, PHP incompatibility, malware issues, virus problems, out-of-date plugins and themes, function issues, and more.

Speak one-on-one with the expert managing your website. You can use your monthly hour towards phone support, consultations, advice. If you prefer your monthly hour go to website edits, simply send an email, or use our website request tool.

Running your online business doesn’t get any simpler than this.

Also, for a one-time setup fee we can rebuild your entire website.

we offer one-time maintenance too!

by the end of 2021

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How is Dreams Animation different from other web maintenance companies?

Dreams Animation team is based in the US. The majority of our competitors even if they have offices on the east or west coast they outsource services overseas, their programmers are located in Europe, mainly India or China. This reality makes us the right partner for you because we can perform your requests within 24 hours from the moment you send your email. We offer same-day service to our VIP clients.

How many times per month can I request my updates?

If you have the Business Level package we recommend sending one solid email every month so we can perform in one schedule all your requests. For clients selecting the Expert Level or Rockstar we recommend exactly the same but if you have extra time left you can send another email for more updates.

Are there setup fees to get started?

There are no setup fees when you signup and pay in full for at least 1-year web maintenance service with us. If you want to pay month-to-month there is a one-time setup fee of $75. The setup fee covers inspection of your site, speed analysis, conversion assesment.

I’m not in the US, what currency will I be billed in?

All plans are billed in  US dollars.

I don’t know photoshop, can you design banners, promotions for my website?

Yes. The Rockstar Level grants you the ability to request designs to decorate your website or to promote your products or services.

Can I change or cancel my plan?

Yes. You can change your plan at any time. In case of cancelation, you can do it at any moment.

Can you provide support to my eCommerce?

Yes. You must select the Rockstar Plan to have access to this type of service. If you need more hours of service or coding-related support for your eCommerce we strongly suggest you share your needs so we can customize the right plan for you.

Can I use my maintenance plan in two different sites?

No. Your plan covers one single domain name, website or business.

I don’t want to pay per month. Do you offer a one-time fee for website maintenance?

Yes. Tell us more about your project and we’ll quote you for the time needed.

Can you make seasonal updates for my website?

Yes. In any of the packages if you send us the designs we can update the site. However, if you need us ithto design your seasonal banners the Rockstar Level Plan is your best option.

Can you help me to customize my website or online store?

Yes. Our team is ready to make your business a success, we’ll provide an identity, mission, the story behind your brand, a modern look and engaging promotions to accelerate your sales. Talk to our experts about our website redesign service.

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