NFT Development

Do you need to create a multi-functional NFT marketplace running on top speeds or tokenize your digital collectibles and introduce a new unique, non-fungible token tradable across multiple marketplaces so you could easily find the best deal? Our NFT developers are ready to help you with any of these tasks!

Stay ahead of innovation by harnessing the power of NFT trading on a public blockchain of your choice (Tron, Ethereum, Binance, or Solana) or your private one, with NFT development services from Dreams Animation.
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Why choose us


True experts in NFT

Dreams Animation has been developing custom NFT solutions for a global client base long enough to know that you need experts who understand business, not just code.

Deep development skillbase

With a team of expert developers bringing skills and experience in specific techniques, Dreams Animation delivers best-in-class NFT solutions across codebases and libraries.

Focus on you

We start with what you need, then identify the right tools. You’re welcome at meetings, you’ll get regular reports, and your feedback is vitally important. We build solutions for your business.

We’re still learning, too

Your business doesn’t stand still. Neither do we. We’re constantly improving our skills and understanding to deliver cutting-edge advice and services for you.

The expertise of


NFT marketplace development

Leverage Dreams Animation profound technical knowledge of NFT standards and smart contracts to build an NFT marketplace platform with multi-currency support, trades that are free of liquidity risks, 24/7 support, and other essential features.

NFT lending platforms

Discover the new level of online lending by developing a p2p lending platform where borrowers could use NFTs as collateral, and the deals could be governed by smart contracts.

Metaverse NFT development

Unlock the untapped potential of Metaverse with NFT trading and give users full control of their Metaverse tokens by leveraging resale, loylalty, value appreciation, and other benefits.

NFT token development

Order our NFT development services to convert individual items into non-fungible tokens to trade or add the NFT creation functionality to your NFT marketplace so that users could tokenize their assets.

Initial Poster Offerings (IPOs)

Build and launch an NFT fundraising platform with IPOs as the major fundraising method or develop own NFT posters to sell on established fundraising marketplaces as a part of an IPO.

Metaverse NFT marketplace development

Get a full-featured Metaverse NFT marketplace, where you and your customers could access across blockchains, reliably store, trade, and exchange their virtual real estate as NFTs, and more.

Choose your blockchain for NFT development



Contact our NFT development company now to develop non-fungible tokens that can be traded across different marketplaces while you can always benefit from bidding, bundling, and other digital trading features.


Make only the best deals from NFT trades! The indivisible nature of non-fungible tokens is that they can’t be sold in parts, which makes them truly unique; you either purchase them in full or don’t purchase them at all.


Trust our NFT developers with writing smart contracts that will restrict the amount of your assets to be converted into NFTs. The properties defined in smart contracts can’t be changed even after tokens’ issuance.


Provide common, reusable standards of transfer, ownership, and access control for every item you tokenize to ensure the standardization of your collectibles across marketplaces.

Discover the


Discuss a project

Tell us about your future NFT project, and we will contact you within one business day.

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