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The Power of Directed Energy

Business Leadership

Crafting a visión for your business and your life.

Are you seeking remarkable achievements and fulfillment in your professional endeavors, career, or purpose? If that’s the case, it’s essential to channel your energy toward a precise focal point and create a vivid and well-defined vision of your desired destination.

Energy follows our attention. To attain true life satisfaction, you must establish a purposeful and meaningful objective. Once you have that in sight, you can direct your energy towards your goal and become entirely absorbed by it. When you acquire the ability to concentrate your energy effectively, extraordinary things start to occur. You gain new insights that were previously inaccessible. You encounter individuals who serendipitously cross your path to provide assistance. You overhear conversations or come across resources that propel your plans forward. This is the secret behind the flow of energy in the direction of your focus.

Embracing a Positive Mindset

What transpires when you consistently dwell on flaws or fixate on negative aspects of life? If you embrace Tony’s principle that energy follows focus and are already committed to dwelling in a gloomy mental space, you inadvertently attract more negativity because it’s what you are placing your attention on.

It’s crucial to cultivate an abundance mindset. Opting for gratitude and appreciation instead of criticism and negativity results in attracting more things that you can genuinely appreciate and be grateful for. When you gaze upon your reflection, do you notice your beautiful smile, or do you instantaneously spot the signs of aging? By directing your attention towards the positives, you exude confidence and become more appealing to others.

The next time you find yourself in a new situation or environment, embrace the “energy follows focus” way of thinking. If you are outdoors, take notice of the refreshing breeze or the fragrance of nearby flowers. If you are indoors, make an effort to discover intriguing decor or architectural styles. When you encounter new people in such scenarios, ask thoughtful questions and attentively listen to their answers. Concentrate on at least one admirable personality trait in each person you engage with.

How do you feel when you depart from this new experience? How does it differ from similar situations in which you spent all your time yearning to be elsewhere? By directing your attention towards the positives, you’ll be astonished by how much easier it becomes to unlock an extraordinary life.

Unleashing your goal-focused drive

The principle of “where focus goes, energy flows” goes beyond appreciating life—it’s a potent tool for achieving your goals. When you possess a clear vision of your objective and direct your energy and focus towards it, distractions like social media, saying yes when you want to say no, and losing track of time effortlessly fade away. We all have downtime—those moments between work, errands, and family time—and Tony refers to this as No Extra Time (N.E.T. time). He leverages these moments to catch up on podcasts or books that educate and inspire him, propelling him closer to his goals.

The distinction between those who obsessively focus their energy on a goal and everyone else is that most people remain stuck in reaction mode. Instead of developing a well-defined plan, they simply handle situations and issues as they arise, never truly making progress. Their focus is so scattered that their energy can never flow directly towards achieving their significant goal. While they may accomplish smaller goals or complete tasks, they will never attain what they genuinely desire.

Having a clear result or outcome and learning how to channel your energy towards it immediately transforms your behavior, providing the momentum needed to take small daily actions that yield exponential results. Embracing a “energy flows where attention goes” lifestyle cultivates mindfulness of every thought and subsequent behavior, as you grasp the bigger picture.

To delve deeper into the belief system of “energy flows where attention goes,” watch Tony’s video and proceed to create a vision for your life and business below.

Need assistance in crafting a self-improvement plan? Here’s an exercise to help you focus your energy and achieve your goals. Answer the following four questions to the best of your ability to initiate the process of honing in on what you truly desire:

  • What is something you aim to accomplish in the next 36 months?
  • Why is it an absolute necessity for you to achieve it, regardless of any obstacles?
  • What is one small action you can take right now to embark on this journey?
  • What are some 6 and 9-month goals you can set to hold yourself accountable?

Keep this visible over the next 36 months. Daily focus on the results you are committed to, and you’ll consistently find yourself progressing towards your desired outcome—often achieving them faster than anticipated.

Practices to Channel Your Energy

Energy flows where focus goes. Learning how to effectively harness your energy is a crucial part of this equation. Here are some activities that can help you attain the optimal mental state for a breakthrough:

  • Mindful Meditation: Think you lack the time for meditation? Tony strongly advocates making time for this practice. With guided meditation available even for the busiest schedules, there are no excuses. Meditation is vital for enhancing energy and focus as it enables you to quiet your mind and gain control over your thoughts.
  • Physical Exercise: Exercise is not only integral to a healthy lifestyle but also a valuable tool for focusing your energy. Countless examples abound of people having groundbreaking ideas while on a treadmill or hiking amidst nature. When adrenaline courses through your veins and your heart pumps, your brain also works overtime on your goals.
  • Harmonious Melodies: As humans, we are wired to derive pleasure from music. When we listen to music we enjoy, our brains release dopamine, making us happier. Music expands our cognitive range, boosts energy and focus, and can lead to remarkable insights and breakthroughs.

Understanding that energy flows where attention goes marks the initial stride towards mindfully achieving your goals. Armed with this powerful concept, you can train yourself to focus on the positive, enhancing mindfulness through the daily tools mentioned above. As you begin attracting.




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