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Explore the 6 fundamental desires

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These core desires influence every choice You make.

Have you ever wondered why we engage in certain actions? Why do we associate success and worth with attention and status, while criticizing complacency? What is the driving force that shapes our emotions, behaviors, quality of life, and ultimately, our destinies?
Interestingly, all these questions find their answers in understanding the 6 fundamental desires.

All dysfunctional behaviors arise when these core desires go unfulfilled. However, it is not just negative decisions that stem from these desires—they also inspire remarkable achievements. By comprehending your own desires and psychology, you can not only steer clear of toxic behaviors and habits but also accomplish your goals.

How are our core desires developed?

Each of us is a unique individual shaped by our own life experiences and the accompanying emotions. Many of our deepest desires take root in childhood, when our minds absorb a wealth of information. This information, whether positive or negative, shapes our beliefs and values, which in turn construct our entire world. It has even been scientifically proven that childhood stress has long-lasting effects on brain chemistry and development.

While the 6 fundamental desires are ingrained within us, it’s important to remember that the past does not dictate the future unless we dwell on it. We have the ability to fulfill our desires in healthy ways and achieve balance in life by nurturing all of our desires equally.

What are the 6 fundamental desires?

  • Certainty: the need for assurance in avoiding pain and attaining pleasure.
  • Uncertainty/Variety: the desire for the unknown, change, and novel experiences.
  • Significance: the feeling of being unique, important, special, or needed.
  • Connection/Love: a profound sense of closeness or unity with someone or something.
  • Growth: the expansion of capacity, capability, or understanding.
  • Contribution: a sense of service and focus on helping, giving to, and supporting others.

Each person prioritizes these fundamental desires differently, and their order of importance explains why individuals exhibit unique traits. The top four desires on the list shape our personality, while the last two (growth and contribution) fulfill our spiritual needs. People find fulfillment through various means, such as relationships, careers, personal pursuits, and more. Let’s delve deeper into the basic human desires and their significance.


If certainty is one of your core desires, you seek security and a sense of safety for the future. When you receive positive recognition, you may also yearn for certainty that it is genuine and will continue. In order to maintain a life filled with certainty, one might expect everything to stay the same—an almost impossible expectation to meet. Consequently, you exert control over your environment by adjusting your expectations or avoiding new situations and people. This process provides assurance that your actions will either avoid pain or yield pleasure, thereby fulfilling the fundamental desire for certainty.

Indicators of a need for certainty: You possess trustworthiness and consistently follow through on your commitments. You derive satisfaction from planning, thrive on structured routines, and exhibit strong organizational skills. Taking risks and embracing new experiences make you hesitant. You may occasionally engage in addictive or obsessive behaviors.

How to satisfy the need for certainty: Engage in activities that you enjoy, while also stepping slightly outside your comfort zone. Incorporate healthy and empowering routines into your daily life. Contribute to others’ growth and well-being in a consistent manner.

Uncertainty/ Variety

While recognizing the allure of uncertainty is crucial, individuals whose top basic human need revolves around it may take it to the extreme. They frequently embark on job or relationship changes in search of variety or take unnecessary risks to chase the adrenaline rush they crave. However, if uncertainty ranks among your top 6 human needs, you will fearlessly embrace risks and eagerly welcome new situations and people.

Identifying the core need for variety: You possess an innate outgoing nature and relish the opportunity to meet new individuals. Embracing novelty and nurturing multiple interests define you. However, you may struggle with maintaining focus, lack planning skills, and inadvertently push people away in relationships.

Fulfilling the need for variety: Regularly nourish your mind with a diverse array of new information. Shake up your exercise routine, savor new culinary experiences, and engage in classes with unfamiliar faces. Learn how to ignite passion in your life and relationships.


If significance features among the top two of your 6 human needs, meeting that need includes receiving recognition. This manifests as a desire to be seen, heard, and listened to – in essence, the yearning to be noticed. Your perception of significance is shaped by what you believe sets you apart from everyone else. Recognition provides a sense of validation that makes you feel acknowledged, special, and necessary. It serves as a driving force behind human behavior, offering a measurement system to assess and track our significance. Moreover, recognition plays an integral role in maintaining employee productivity.

Those who fail to find positive avenues to fulfill their need for significance may resort to drastic measures to feel good, such as turning to alcohol or engaging in frequent arguments. Others may surround themselves with individuals they perceive as less skilled or accomplished, creating a contrast to their own achievements. While both scenarios may momentarily satiate the need for significance, neither contributes to long-term well-being.

Recognizing the need for significance: You possess a strong drive for success and derive fulfillment from setting and achieving goals. You wholeheartedly commit to causes, often pursuing multiple ones. Others affirm your distinctiveness. However, you may exhibit excessive competitiveness, perfectionism, or a flair for drama.

Fulfilling the need for significance: Channel your competitive nature into healthy activities such as learning a new sport or skill or engaging in volunteering. Enhance your interpersonal skills to become a well-rounded leader. Devote yourself to attaining mastery in your profession or career.


If the need for connection/love takes precedence among your basic human needs, you constantly seek profound relationships with others or something greater than yourself. You possess a deep understanding that love awakens you to the gift of life. While the need for love can lead to incredibly fulfilling relationships, it may also lead to sacrificing self-care to prioritize the well-being of others or to maintain a partnership.

Recognizing the core need for connection: Loyalty and generosity towards your loved ones rank as your highest values. You give freely, and others find you trustworthy. You cultivate strong social ties, yet at times, you may lose sight of your own identity and struggle to assert boundaries.

Fulfilling the need for connection: Embrace vulnerability and foster deeper, more meaningful friendships. Effectively communicate your needs to enhance intimacy in your relationships. Seek greater spirituality through practices such as prayer, meditation, or connecting with nature.

Embrace vulnerability and foster deeper, meaningful friendships. Openly communicate your needs to your partner, enhancing intimacy. Explore spirituality through prayer, meditation, or connecting with nature.

For individuals whose primary core need is growth, the pursuit of improvement and learning is constant. While they excel in their professions, they tend to move on swiftly once they feel they’ve reached their full potential. This perpetual quest for progress ensures they remain engaged, but they may overlook the importance of rest and relaxation, leading to increased stress levels.

Identifying a core need for growth: Always pushing boundaries, whether self-imposed or societal. Embracing independence and detachment from material possessions. Struggling to establish deep connections and often moving on swiftly from relationships.

Nurturing the need for growth: Deepen your growth mindset by challenging yourself to not only learn but master complex skills. Prioritize emotional and spiritual growth by examining limiting beliefs, managing emotions, and adopting practices like meditation or priming.


The essence of a fulfilling life lies in giving, and those who prioritize contribution as one of their top 6 human needs understand this deeply. If you possess a need to contribute, you likely make a substantial impact on your community. However, it’s crucial to avoid losing sight of the fact that giving should begin at home, without neglecting those closest to you while striving to make a difference in the world.

Identifying the core need for contribution: Exemplifying exceptional empathy and compassion. Finding joy in giving back and sharing what you have. Aspiring to leave a meaningful legacy. However, be mindful of burnout and setting healthy boundaries to avoid being taken advantage of.

Fostering the need for contribution: Engage in acts of giving that resonate with your values. Consider starting your own initiative rather than simply joining a volunteer group. The closer the cause aligns with your heart, the more fulfilled you will feel.

The Significance of Meeting the 6 Human Needs:
Many of your behaviors are influenced by whether your needs are met or unmet. Depending on which basic human needs hold prominence in your personality, you may spend considerable time consciously or subconsciously addressing one or two of them. Failure to fulfill these needs can have a negative impact on your overall well-being.

Understanding your primary driving force among the 6 human needs and its impact on your ability to forge connections and cultivate healthy relationships is vital to self-awareness. It enables you to better comprehend and manage triggers while taking charge of your emotions.

Did any of the aforementioned needs resonate with you? If you’re uncertain, take the Driving Force Quiz to determine your primary need.

By gaining a deeper understanding of your primary basic human need, you can set goals and adopt positive behaviors that contribute to their fulfillment. This understanding empowers you to embrace the transformative power of growth and establish new patterns that lead to lasting fulfillment.

Are you interested in delving further into the 6 human needs and their prioritization in your life? Whether you desire significance, certainty, love, or connection, Unleash the Power Within will provide the momentum to achieve your aspirations. Embrace the life you envision and deserve today.



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