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Unleashing the Influence of Your Environment

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Exploring how your surroundings shape your mindset, moods, and identity.

Picture yourself amidst the chaos of a bustling urban street. Car horns blare, hurried pedestrians jostle past, and debris litters the pavement, hemmed in by towering skyscrapers.

Now, envision yourself in the heart of an expansive meadow. Sunlight bathes you in warmth, and swaying grass dances to the gentle breeze’s rhythm. Birds chirp, and bees hum softly. Here, you find tranquility.

Reflect on your emotions during each visualization. The contrast is striking, as are the psychological and physiological responses. Nature’s benefits are well-established, and it’s common knowledge that our connection with our surroundings is instinctual.

But just how deeply are we intertwined with our environment? How profoundly does it affect us mentally, emotionally, and physically? How, indeed, does your surroundings influence you?

The Potential of Personal Spaces

In 1958, French philosopher Gaston Bachelard authored “The Poetics of Space,” delving into the impact of intimate spaces on the human psyche. Bachelard posited that our minds thrive in spaces that nurture daydreams and stagnate in those that feel bleak or oppressive. His fascination lay in how our surroundings shape us.

A recent study from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s Department of Landscape Architecture explored the link between environment and students’ cognitive abilities. High school students performed better on exams when their classrooms offered vistas of lush greenery rather than the sight of buildings, parking lots, or nothing at all. A panoramic view reduced mental fatigue and enhanced stress recovery.

These findings extend beyond students to professionals. Research focused on workplace employees revealed that increased exposure to nature at work reduced stress and resulted in fewer health complaints.

Innovative companies like Google, Microsoft, and Pixar have embraced open campuses enveloped by green landscapes and trees. Robbins Research International, following suit, ditched cubicles for an open floor plan and a glass-walled building, flooding offices with natural light and panoramic views. Astute employers recognize the profound link between surroundings and well-being.

Navigating Space and Perception

Our perception of the environment hinges on how we interact with it. Recent UK research uncovered that when we navigate using a map, our attention shifts to object relationships. However, without a map, we focus on the environment’s relation to ourselves, altering our perspective drastically based on available resources.

“The built environment can enhance or restrict spatial cognition, impacting one’s self-identity,” the report suggests.

Time spent in a particular environment can also shape our self-understanding. This implies that unrestricted movement in space allows us to experience diverse perspectives over time.

“Familiarity with a place broadens knowledge of different perspectives and orientations,” the report continues.

This underscores our integration with the experiences we encounter, emphasizing the profound influence of our environment on our identity.

The Crucial Role of Well-Designed Environments

These findings serve as a compelling call to action for an inclusive future where everyone gains access to environments fostering cognitive performance and well-being. Progress is already underway.

The same principle extends to your relationships. Who occupies your time? Do they positively uplift your life, or do they immerse you in a gloomy state?

“Architects and urban planners now consider the capabilities and frames of reference of space users to optimize the built environment,” researchers note.

Our thoughts, emotions, and ultimately, our self-concept are intimately tied to our surroundings. Where we are holds the power to mold who we become. More significantly, given our ability to shape our environment and choose where we spend our time, we can actively shape our own lives.



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