7 Rules To Create A Powerful Influencer Website Content In 2020

By Laura Garzon –  Dreams Animation Staff 


It’s not a secret that if you want to create a higher response from your website visitors it’s vital to give them the chance to know what you do and who you are, and for that, all you need is to tell the right Storybrand . This goes beyond having the most impressive design and functionality on your website. You, as an influencer, coach, or business owner need to make a connection with your audience so they easily identify your mission,  core values, and personality flavor.  

Stories motivate people to take action (follow, attend events, connect, subscribe, download, register, sign up, buy tickets, etc), explain the key to your business mission, and inspire them to be their best selves looking up to you as a role model. A superb Storybrand for your website is the one that tells your audience when and why you created your business, and this must be irresistibly compelling to your ideal client. 

97% of influencers mistakenly think that having a plain and basic About Me, About Us, or a Bio page is enough to cover your Storybrand, when in reality it is not.  A plain story is not attractive to engage with your online audience, people want to read more than just a long list of your accomplishments. That’s why through our years of experience we genuinely want to share with you 7  powerful rules to have authentic and connection-oriented Storybrand web content that will present you as an expert and persuade your audience.  


1. Attract your audience with an emotional beginning.

It’s odd to say this but people are interested in stories with dramatic struggles. Your Storybrand may start with one of your obstacles in your life that stopped you from achieving  what you desired. There are two kinds of obstacles in life:  The first one is external and directly affects you, like the death of a loved one. The second is the internal obstacle where you are your own enemy, and lack of confidence, regrets, fears, and other feelings prevented you from getting what you really wanted. The key is to choose the right obstacle to capture the attention of your audience at first sight.


2. Make your audience feel your story from deep.

A great Storybrand uses emotions and makes the reader feel something. You can start telling about your upbringing and then connect it to the moment that made you change the way you were driving your business or life. This will help people know you better in a few sentences. It might explain why you do business the way you do, what your greatest values are, and why you became an influencer, coach, consultant, or business owner. Answering the following 3 questions may help you to start with the right content for this part:

Where did you grow up? 

What were your childhood and youth like?

What were your parents like?


3. Show who YOU really are. 

Most websites for influencers portray successful people with a lot of gold, chains, money, planes, exotic vehicles, and this is one of the most common mistakes nowadays. When you have a superficial and flat story that doesn’t catch people’s attention. If your Storybrand only explains what you’ve achieved in your life, and the message is all about you,  it only establishes your credibility. But do people really see and believe who you are? That’s the reason why you have to tell your struggles, weaknesses, and regrets. Remember this phrase “To make mistakes or be wrong is human. To admit those mistakes shows you have the ability to learn and are growing wiser.” by Donald L. Hicks. 


4. Being humble matters. 

A  good Storybrand will humanize you and share with people why and how you do what you currently do. People are tempted to show their accomplishments but this will prevent you from making a connection through your story. Make sure to show vulnerability, and tell your story in a way that people get immersed in it while they read it. 


5. Unveil the reason that motivates you to do what you do now. 

Including in your story a simple statement that makes clear the main reason that prompts you to do what you do, is vital. People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. The secret to point the WHY is knowing to point it and its spot in your Storybrand. 

A simple but effective structure for any Storybrand must start by putting the WHY in a nutshell and briefly ends with what you do now. Here you have to be cautious because if you realize you can’t write it in a couple of sentences, that means you gave an explanation and it might lose the essence of your story. Remember, this must give clues and explain clearly whom you and your business serve. 


6. Deliver the right message

Stories are oral traditions. These have been passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth. If your story is the right one and contains what we mentioned before, no worries you are in the right direction and surely many people will start to talk about YOU. Each story has a main message, some people might call it a pearl of wisdom. This is a relevant point that you need to identify and put down in inspirational sentences. The correct message will allow you to increase the value of your Storybrand and your clients will understand why you are the best choice. 


7. Write your Storybrand in the present tense 

When you write your story in the present tense it allows the readers to feel an immediate connection to you since they witness your life events and emotional transformations as they read.


In essence, your Storybrand needs to let your customers know that you are their advocate and you can help them through the compelling benefits of using your products, ideas, or services. Our experiences have shown us that if your website truly expresses your essence and amplifies your influence, it will dramatically improve how you connect with customers and grow your business. After reading this article, if you feel that you still have some doubts about how to start, contact us. Let us help you craft your story that will create unshakable online results.

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