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website design is an important factor for determining credibility

Website Design: A Significant Factor in Boosting SEO and Engagement

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW!” said the American graphic designer Milton Glaser. Milton’s famous works include the NYC logo, Brooklyn Brewery logo, psychedelic Bob Dylan poster and such iconic works. If…

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10 Ways to Find Investors For Your Startup

Author: Murray Newlands, Contributor GUEST WRITER Entrepreneur, investor, business advisor and speaker Source: Huffingtonpost.com It’s hard to believe, but locating investors is not the hard part of getting funded – in fact, through the process of trying to raise money,...
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A Secret Recipe for Increasing Number of Visitors on Your Business Website

A Secret Recipe for Increasing Number of Visitors on Your Business Website

Every entrepreneur who wants to increase their business aims at attracting visitors to their website. This is because the more the visitors regularly visit a company’s business website the higher will be the chance that they will buy a product…

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What is an Explainer Video and Why You Must Have Them on Your Business Website? - Dreams Animation

What are Explainer Videos and Why You Must Have Them on Your Business Website?

  Reading a content about the uses of product and services that a business offers might be boring for your customers. This is why in order to gain their attention many businesses now add small explainer videos on their business website….

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This is Why Positive Reviews Are Essential to Your Small Business

When making purchasing decisions, customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. What are they saying about your business? Word-of-mouth marketing may seem like an outdated term, but its digital counterpart, online reviews, is just as important in modern marketing….

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3 Laws That Dictate Your Sales Success - Dreams ANimation

3 Laws That Dictate Your Sales Success

Harness the power of positive thinking and learn to manage time more effectively to supercharge sales for your small business. There are hundreds of eponymous laws, which are formalized versions of observations made by and named after a person. From…

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3 Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Mobile Phone App - Dreams Animation NYC

3 Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Mobile Phone App

It’s an era where everyone is connected to every other person via their mobile phones. People now prefer to have a mobile phone or tablet rather than having a laptop or PC. This popularity of mobile phones has also given…

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Donald Trump

Branding expert Donald Trump takes credit for Budweiser’s America beer

Is Donald Trump a branding expert? Donald Trump has succeeded in his promise to make America Budweiser again. The presumptive Republican presidential nominee took some credit on Wednesday during a phone call on Fox News for inspiring Budweiser to change…

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4 Ways to Become a Leader Worth Following

“Show me your mentors, and I’ll tell you what type of leader you will be.” Yes, that’s a adaptation of the popular maxim, “Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future,” but it’s something I have learned through…

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Instagram Business Features

How To Use NEW Instagram Business Features

INSTAGRAM BUSINESS FEATURES — Instagram has introduced new and valuable features for businesses, aimed in particular at small- to medium-sized companies that don’t yet advertise on the social media platform. Here’s more info on these features, and tips on how to…

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