What are Explainer Videos and Why You Must Have Them on Your Business Website?


What are Explainer Videos and Why You Must Have Them on Your Business Website?

Explainer videos are increasingly growing popular as they have a positive effect on your business’s bottom-line. Click here to find out more about them.

Reading a content about the uses of product and services that a business offers might be boring for your customers. This is why in order to gain their attention many businesses now add small explainer videos on their business website. An explainer video is an elevator’s pitch that makes the potential customers quickly understand how the product or service offered by a company will be helpful in their daily lives. Here are some reasons why you should add an explainer video to your business website.

Positive Compounded Effect of Marketing Potential

There is a high chance that the people who like your business explainer video will share it on the social networking sites with their friends. This will give your marketing endeavours a boost and you will rapidly increase your customer base. So an explainer video should be considered an essential tool in a marketer’s toolbox.

Explainer Videos Increases Conversion Rates

Not all the people who visit your website avail the services or purchase the product that you offer. This is a problem that every businessperson faces. Explainer video is a way to counter this problem. In a research conducted by Internet Retailer, it was found that people who watch the explainer video on a company’s website are 85% more likely to buy their product. It was also found that after adding an explainer video on a business website, conversion rate increases by 20%.

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