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Unlocking LinkedIn’s Potential for Your Contracting Business

Digital Marketing

In 2014, LinkedIn underwent significant transformations. Several years ago, doubts arose about its relevance as businesses gravitated towards Facebook. However, a shift is occurring, with many returning to LinkedIn, recognizing its robust potential as a networking hub for company growth.

Beyond Research: Maximizing LinkedIn’s Power

At a recent painting conference, social media was a hot topic, with Facebook and Twitter dominating discussions. LinkedIn barely received more than a fleeting mention, regarded mainly for job hunting and prospect research. Yet, LinkedIn offers more than meets the eye.

LinkedIn isn’t merely an online résumé or research tool; recent changes empower individuals to build their personal and business brands.

A vital tip before delving into best practices: Authenticity is key across all social platforms. Building an online brand takes time; viral overnight success is rare. Genuine connections foster trust, a cornerstone of successful business relationships.

Here are steps to grow your business on LinkedIn:

  • Share Valuable Updates: Skip the popcorn and hockey updates; that’s for Facebook. Instead, showcase your safety meetings with photos or videos.
  • Engage: Respond to comments and acknowledge compliments graciously.
  • Embrace Blogging: LinkedIn offers a blogging tool where you can share your best articles with a featured photo. These articles solidify your authority and credibility in your field.
  • Group Engagement: Join and participate in groups to connect with like-minded individuals. Practice the 80/20 rule, listening more than speaking.
  • Establish a Company Page: Create a company page and encourage your staff to follow it. Share content and insights here.
  • Thoughtful Outreach: Reach out to others genuinely; avoid spammy interactions. Quality, not quantity, matters.
  • Mobilize Your Team: Encourage your team members to use LinkedIn actively.
  • Expand Your Network: You don’t need every connection to be local, but use your judgment when accepting requests.
  • Profile Refinement: Keep your profile clear and concise, focusing on your current role. A few endorsements or reviews add credibility.

Charting Your LinkedIn Success

LinkedIn isn’t just for B2B; it holds potential for B2C as well. After all, business professionals also have personal homes and properties. You may find opportunities to provide your services in unexpected places.

Share your experiences with LinkedIn and your future plans for utilizing this dynamic social platform.



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