Tweet For Cash

Crowdfunding has been a buzzword for some time, and while the jargon may be getting old, the buzz continues to echo through small business America louder than ever. This avenue of accruing cash to make a business plan go from a vaporous dreamlike state to hardcore tangible goodness seems to be the best thing going for many entrepreneurs. And getting the word out to raise funds en masse with a tweet.

Some basic steps toward getting the green:

– Don’t just tweet a link – add a personal message. The goal is to appeal to their need so they want to invest in your solution.

– Add relevant hashtags to help spread the word to people who aren’t following you.

– Do a Twitter search to see if there’s anything similar to what you’re doing and join the conversation.

Shorten your link and add a photo. Images help increase engagement and tell your story.

– Don’t be shy – ask followers for retweets. Although few brands do this, the ones that do see an increase in engagement.

Keep in mind that engagement matters more than the number of followers you have – so the better you tell your story, the more likely you are to increase followers, gain additional retweets and (hopefully) hit your financial goal.

Blog Credit: Manta

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