The Mental Health Connection

Running a small business can be daunting. Work and life often become so intertwined that the idea of balance seems more like a fairytale than something achievable. And there’s that gnawing fear of failure causing sleepless nights, leading to exhaustion, anxiety and depression—and soon the cyclical loop of frustration and panic becomes so normal you forget you’re even in it.

Small businesses generally don’t have the luxury of helplines and insurance to cover many mental health situations, but there are some basics to help keep you on track:

– Rest: Don’t underestimate the value of a full night’s sleep for your overall health.

– Eat: Try not to skip meals, eat healthy and go to lunch outside the office.

– Exercise and take breaks: Stretch, use a standing desk, hit the gym, walk the dog—just move away from the computer (and put your phone down).

– Prioritize and delegate: You are not a machine and some things can wait—or not be done by you at all.

– Talk: Don’t do it alone, there’s no need to be a hero. If you need advice, or just want to bend someone’s ear, find a mentor, call a friend or see a counselor.

Small business owners tend to work in isolation and have a tough time stopping long enough to recognize that they may need some help. Don’t ignore warning signs that could damage more than just your business.

Blog Credit: Manta

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