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website design is an important factor for determining credibility

Website Design: A Significant Factor in Boosting SEO and Engagement

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW!” said the American graphic designer Milton Glaser. Milton’s famous works include the NYC logo, Brooklyn Brewery logo, psychedelic Bob Dylan poster and such iconic works. If…

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Fix Your Innovation Rut-dreams animation

Facebook to Offer Subscription-Based Groups

If testing is successful, the social media giant will offer subscriptions that include access to a wide range of exclusive content like trainings, articles and more. Facebook recently announced it has begun testing private Subscription Groups, in which members would pay…

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The Growth Hacker Expert: Dreams Animation

The Growth Hacker Expert: Dreams Animation You don’t have to be MLK Jr. to have a dream and achieve it. We know what you want. We have what it takes to make your vision a reality. For just $199/month, we provide the…

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Your customers are on mobile devices and on the go. Your mobile app will resonate with loyal customers.. consumers have 24 apps on their phones...

Should You Invest in a Mobile App for Your Business?

Mobile applications used to be for large companies who could handle the expenses. But now, with the advancement of HTML5 and other development technologies, small businesses can take advantage of the mobile app function as well. The question then becomes not one…

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4 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Merchant Processor - Dreams Animation

4 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Merchant Processor

For many small business owners, accepting credit card payments is a must. Customers have come to expect the ease and flexibility of paying with a credit card, and accepting them can help increase sales. But when it comes to credit…

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Taxes Season - Small Business Owners do their own Taxes - Dreams Animation blog

Doing Your Own Taxes? You’re Just Asking for an Audit

Small business owners are all about investing their sweat equity in order to cut costs. However, doing your own business taxes is one area in which the risks of doing it yourself far outweigh any potential savings. Two recent polls…

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