Dreams Animation is excited to help small business owners, under-served minorities, immigrant entrepreneurs, and low-income micro-business owners to build a strong digital presence, increase their perceived value online, expand their reach and foster economic growth that will create jobs in different parts of the United States.

Our founders have a deep understanding of the difficulties millions of small business owners in America (SBOA)are facing today and they are financing this Grant to support 2,000 business owners around the country. There is a sad reality today for SBOA, where nearly 90% of them do not have a website or any type of online presence. That reality has to change and we encourage you to take action. As you might notice this page is not public on our website for the general traffic through our navigation menu; the only way for you and other entrepreneurs to come here is thanks to our partner’s publications. Our World-Class websites normally have a value of $8,500 and thanks to this program you will receive $7,000 Grant to acquire a fully branded website from us. The selected companies will have access to pay the remaining balance of only $1,200 or 4 small payments of $400. Apply for this Grant and get the push you need in your marketing efforts to attract your new desired clients. We wish you good luck.

For media inquiries or more information contact Madison Cooper at [email protected]



The $20M USA SMALL BUSINESS ACCELERATE FUND PROGRAM presented by Dreams Animation will target every and any small and micro business owner in America, providing “digital support”  to help them get back on their feet post-pandemic and support equitable economic momentum in the country.
Your business will get a complete branded website done by our team with 85+ years of combined working experience. The selected companies will receive a website with 3 versions (desktop, mobile, tablet) to guarantee mobile friendliness. Every site will have an innovative design to present your business, service, or products. The site will have a solution-focused design, with unique graphic assets, highly intuitive, user-centric model interfaces with a focus on usability, engagement, and increasing conversions rate. 

You will also receive a dashboard panel to manage and update your website anytime, anywhere, unlimited. And as a BONUS you will receive LIFETIME Hosting.

Once your website is live we want to hear your story of success with the new website largely funded by us. The most impactful story will be published on over 50 global news sites including Apple News, CNN, Fox, New York Times, Marketwatch, Digital Journal, Fox, NBC & CBS.


Be a small business owner operating in America.

  • Your business was operating as of January 1st, 2020.
  • You want to receive a GRANT of  $7,000 and you are ready to pay an under-market value of $1,200 or 4 installments of $400.
  • Must have been adversely impacted by COVID in one or more of the following ways:
    • Temporarily shut down due to COVID-19
    • Permanently shut down due to COVID-19
    • Showed a significant decline in revenue in 2020 compared to 2019
    • Need access to capital to re-design or build a website for your business.
    • The SBA loan you received was meant (partially) to cover marketing expenses.
    • Have the potential to generate or retain incremental jobs thanks to having a world-class website.
    • Agree (if selected) to be featured as a growing business thanks to our digital contribution.

Apply For Your $7,000 Grant

Selected company will make one-time payment of $1,200
  • The $7k Grant will aid American businesses who either were able to stay open through the pandemic or were required to stay closed temporarily due to government restrictions. The one-time payment will get you more savings and LIFETIME Hosting.
Selected company will pay 4 installments of $400
  • This option will get your $7k Grant with a comfortable payment plan that will put you on the map to reach new clients. Ideal for qualifying American micro businesses which have closed temporarily or have significantly reduced operating hours and have significant challenges to reopening or normalizing due to insufficient operating capital. LIFETIME Hosting in included.
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