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Shifting Paradigms for a Brighter Future

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Many carry an extensive list of “shoulds” they feel they should adhere to in life. These “shoulds” often resemble fleeting New Year’s resolutions – exciting when considered, yet easily dismissed. It’s because the standards set aren’t high enough to ensure follow-through.

But what occurs when something becomes an absolute “must”? What happens when every possibility, except for success, is eliminated? When you elevate your standards and resolve to never settle for less?

Raising the bar in your life, turning “shoulds” into unwavering “musts,” signifies an inner transformation that empowers you to steer the quality of your life. It’s only when you demand nothing less than your ultimate aspirations that you’re destined to achieve them.

Identifying Areas for Standard Elevation

Most of us possess numerous facets of life where we can heighten our expectations. Three prominent domains include nurturing meaningful relationships, discovering a fulfilling career path, and enhancing our well-being.


Your relationships mirror your set standards. Some people find themselves in unfulfilling relationships because their standard is merely being in any relationship, rather than one filled with passion, excitement, joy, and love. Others remain single to avoid getting hurt.


“Your current income is a reflection of your standards; it’s not dictated by the industry or the economy.” If your earnings fall short of your desires, if you haven’t reached your desired career position, or if you’re trapped in an unsatisfying profession, it’s likely due to your standard of accepting any opportunity. Elevate your standards, and your worth will follow suit.


Our health results from the standards we set. Many wish for better fitness and health, but wishes alone won’t suffice. You must elevate the standard for your health, making it a non-negotiable “must.” Convince yourself that optimal health is imperative for leading an exceptional life.

Strategies for Uplifting Your Standards

Two proven steps pave the way for elevating your standards and embarking on the journey toward your dream life.

Step One: Assess Your Self-Perception

Genuine change requires a willingness to raise your standards, commencing with an honest self-assessment. Your beliefs mold your reality – what do you truly believe about yourself?

Are you a champion, or do you always lag behind? Are you the life of every gathering, or do you lean towards introversion?

Uncovering your genuine beliefs about yourself is pivotal. Your identity hinges on these beliefs. We naturally align our actions with our perceived identity, ultimately becoming who we think we are.

Step Two: Shatter Limiting Beliefs

Many individuals find that the limiting beliefs about themselves were established a decade or more ago when they examine their current lives. Often, these beliefs were formed in childhood, influencing what they deemed possible or impossible. These beliefs act as a glass ceiling, hindering growth.

Are you the same person you were back then? Are you the same person you were a year ago? Human evolution stems from a desire for growth and self-improvement. You instinctively aim to elevate your standards, but your limiting beliefs hold you back.

Many individuals refrain from breaking through this glass ceiling, attributing it to “that’s just how life is” or saying, “that’s just who I am.” Ironically, by doing so, you deny your true self and live under an identity based on outdated beliefs.

So, how do you define yourself, and when did this belief system take hold? When did you decide what you can or cannot achieve in life? Isn’t it high time to raise the bar, converting your “shoulds” into unwavering “musts,” and embrace a new identity?



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