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Maximizing the Impact of Seasonal Sales with Mobile Marketing Tactics

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Seasonal shopping events hold a special place in the hearts of savvy shoppers, providing them with ample opportunities to score amazing deals. From Black Friday to post-Christmas sales, Easter shopping, and summer discounts, to more niche holidays like Singles Day and Valentine’s Day, these events pose a significant challenge for retailers.

The success of these events can make or break a retailer’s year, as evidenced by the record-breaking spending during the 2022 Cyber Week in the US, with mobile shopping accounting for over half of the $35.3 billion in sales. Meanwhile, the British Retail Consortium reports a 6.9% boost in sales during December due to the Christmas shopping season and the World Cup.

With the stakes being so high, it’s crucial for retailers to think outside the box when it comes to marketing during these holidays. But this type of creativity shouldn’t be limited to just the festivities. To achieve year-round success, retailers should adopt innovative marketing tactics that keep consumers engaged and drive sales even after the holidays are over.

Leveraging the Power of Mobile Marketing: Four Key Strategies to Implement

With the global mobile commerce market set to exceed US$4.7 billion by 2027 according to ResearchandMarkets, mobile marketing presents a significant opportunity for businesses. This is particularly true in emerging markets where consumers are more likely to use their mobile devices as their primary internet access point.

In 2022, we collaborated with several retailers in Brazil, the second-fastest growing eCommerce market, to improve the outcomes of their Black Friday marketing campaigns. Our efforts included incorporating advanced mobile messaging and automation strategies, which led to an 8% increase in the average order value and over 8% of total customer revenue being generated by mobile messaging campaigns.

To fully harness the potential of mobile marketing, businesses should adopt these four key strategies, which are not limited to just holiday shopping season, but can be utilized throughout the year:

  • Make it personal

Personalization is key in today’s market. According to Salesforce, two-thirds of consumers expect companies to cater to their unique needs and preferences. This is why setting customized customer journeys based on their profile and behavior is essential for a successful multichannel marketing campaign. By delivering triggered, personalized content and communications at the right time through the appropriate channel, marketers can achieve maximum results while avoiding messaging overload. Our clients’ mobile messaging campaigns saw a remarkable 22.5x return-on-investment during the 2022 Black Friday weekend by taking this approach.

  • Establish long-lasting connections

Mobile messaging campaigns offer an opportunity to build and strengthen relationships with customers for the long haul. By offering a simple opt-in option for messaging during checkout, brands can quickly gather CRM data. Our partners were able to collect 8 times more phone numbers for their CRM databases by doing this. These customers can then receive personalized year-round communications and offers, with the use of mobile identification technology to collect first-party data with their consent further boosting the effectiveness of the campaign.

  • Make your mark at the perfect time

Timing is everything in mobile marketing, and by aligning your campaigns with key events and milestones, you can maximize their impact. Our partners saw a significant bump in conversions when they sent promotional messages to customers during live World Cup matches. Utilizing mobile notifications to advertise discounts and special sales during ideal times is a surefire way to drive sales. This strategy can be adapted throughout the year, for example, by promoting cooling products during scorching summer heat or warm winter gear when temperatures drop.

  • Transform missed opportunities into sales

Recovering lost revenue is essential, and cart recovery messages can play a crucial role in making that happen. When a shopper visits an online store and adds an item, such as a TV, to their cart, but fails to complete the purchase, targeted mobile retargeting can come to the rescue. With an advanced mobile messaging strategy in place, the customer will receive an automated message with a clickable link back to their shopping cart, inviting them to complete the purchase. This clever approach to cart abandonment can recover as much as 10% of lost revenue.

The Power of Mobile Marketing

At a time when global competition is fierce and consumer spending is under pressure, brands need to find new and innovative ways to reach and engage with their target audience. Our experience in running mobile marketing campaigns for customers worldwide has shown us that this is where mobile messaging can make a huge impact.

By tapping into the power of personalized messaging and creative marketing tactics, companies can expand their customer base, exceed their marketing and sales goals, and drive significant revenue growth. It’s essential for retailers to continuously leverage these effective mobile marketing strategies, not just during peak sales seasons, but all year round.

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