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Make a commitment to achieve SEO success in 2023 – Here’s how

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Each year, many individuals set new year’s resolutions, but the majority fall short within the first few weeks. This is similar to the SEO goals that businesses had in mind for last year, yet were unable to accomplish.

Companies often encounter unexpected challenges when attempting to improve their SEO, resulting in failure due to lack of support, effort and other reasons.

To increase your chances of ranking well in search results, make a resolution to fully implement SEO strategies in 2023. Here are five suggestions to help overcome common obstacles in achieving SEO success.

Resolution 1 for SEO Success: Clearly define and communicate your goals

Simply pointing to an SEO audit and stating “we need to do this” is not a sufficient strategy. It’s essential to have a clear and comprehensive vision for your SEO program that you can easily explain and share with others.

This could include:

A clear understanding of the importance of SEO in today’s digital landscape

Consider the current trends and statistics, such as the fact that there are 5.9 million searches on Google every minute. It’s not a question of whether or not your business should be present on a platform used by nearly all of the U.S. population, but rather, how can you outrank your competitors and capture your fair share of organic search revenue.

Specific objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs) that you will set

Outline the goals you wish to achieve and the metrics you will use to track progress.

A detailed plan of action

Identify the specific steps and resources needed to launch and sustain the program, and outline who will be responsible for each task.

Resolution 2 for SEO Success: Secure wholehearted support from all levels of leadership.

Is your company fully committed to SEO? Does your CEO consider it a critical priority for the business? Without this level of buy-in, it can be difficult to generate significant results beyond your own department.

I recall a past experience where my company provided a comprehensive SEO audit to one of the leading research and review sites in the automotive industry. We presented extensive recommendations that had the potential to bring in a substantial increase in traffic.

However, it was a risky move for the client as it required cooperation and support from every department including marketing and IT. But the chairman of the board rallied everyone together and declared SEO as a key strategic initiative.

And the outcome? Every recommendation was implemented and the website saw a 900% increase in traffic within the first week of launch. They have remained competitive to this day.

Securing this level of buy-in takes preparation and effort. If you wish to advocate for SEO within your organization, be ready to put in the work.

SEO resolution 3: Foster Connections

Ultimately, a business is composed of individuals, not just departments or positions. Building strong relationships can greatly benefit any company’s success.

Once you’ve identified the key players necessary for implementing SEO, take the time to meet with them individually or as a group to:

  • Demonstrate how SEO aligns with their objectives: SEO can often be used to achieve a variety of business goals. Assess their needs and show them how SEO can help them reach their goals.
  • Emphasize their importance in the SEO process: Many people may not initially realize the impact their daily tasks have on SEO, or vice versa. Highlight how their role plays a crucial part in SEO’s success.

SEO resolution 4: Spread SEO Awareness

When trying to gain buy-in for SEO, it’s essential to remember that many people may have a limited understanding of what SEO entails. Simplify the concept as much as possible.

Whenever possible, use Google’s official recommendations as a point of reference (such as resources from Google Search Central and Google Search Central videos). This helps convey that SEO is a partnership with Google, not an attempt to manipulate the system.

Implementing SEO training can also be extremely beneficial. When my agency first started, I quickly realized that the best way to encourage clients to invest in SEO was to educate them on the subject. This led to the launch of our SEO training course in 1999.

Ever since then, we’ve made sure to include all of our clients in our SEO training program, allowing us to have informed discussions that lead to significant progress.

Consider offering SEO training to all relevant parties, including web developers and IT staff. When companies open SEO training to multiple teams, it leads to a shared understanding and increased motivation to achieve SEO goals.

SEO resolution 5: Persevere

It’s important to note that not every company will experience a 900% increase in traffic overnight, as I mentioned earlier. In fact, it may take up to six months to start seeing significant results, depending on various factors such as the website’s overall health and the competitive landscape.

Some companies may give up on SEO if they don’t see immediate results. This is a mistake, and it often stems from a lack of understanding of how SEO works (refer back to the “educate” section).

To remain competitive, companies must commit to SEO for the entire lifespan of their website. Keep in mind that once you invest in SEO, the results will be long-term, unlike pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, where if you stop paying, you disappear from search results.

However, there are ways to quickly see results and generate excitement for SEO. For example, consider a pilot project that includes:

  • Prioritizing the most impactful SEO tasks first and tracking and sharing the results.
  • Starting with a small SEO initiative within a key team within the company.

By achieving smaller wins, you may be able to build momentum. Keep in mind, however, that some of the most significant SEO issues may be technical in nature, and resolving those may require a significant amount of effort.

It’s essential to have the support of IT and web development teams, as they are responsible for making changes to the website. A tip for getting technical changes approved is to present them as “bug fixes.” Developers and IT professionals are always eager to fix bugs and improve website performance.

At Dreams Animation we have created a plan specifically for you, where we take care of these updating tasks on a monthly basis without you having to pay a salary of what the American market demands today for an expert in these matters. For just $299/month, we can do maintenance, design, and multiple actions to keep you relevant.

Maximize 2023

Launching an SEO strategy can be a difficult task. If you’re struggling, begin with small steps and focus on the changes that will have the most significant impact. Recognize and acknowledge every accomplishment, no matter how small. Over time, you’ll notice how these small successes add up and lead to significant progress.

Contact Dreams Animation today by calling us at or by making an appointment on our website dreamsanimation.com and grow your business.


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