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Harnessing the Power of Online Reviews to Customize Marketing Strategies for Different Generations

Digital Marketing

Are you searching for effective marketing techniques to target diverse generations? We have exciting news for you!

According to the knowledgeable team at Website Builder Expert, online reviews can significantly enhance the decision-making process. Whether you aim to capture the attention of Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, or Baby Boomers, we have valuable tips and statistics tailored to each group. Let’s dive into the details.

Let’s begin by exploring the preferences of Gen Z and Millennials. Data reveals that they engage in approximately 344 transactions annually, with an average spending of $55 per purchase. Astonishingly, almost 85% of their transactions occur through digital channels.

To successfully target this group, experts recommend incorporating 13 Q&A sessions, 11 images, and at least 3 videos. These multimedia elements are highly effective in capturing their interest. Most individuals from this generation share their reviews using smartphones and rely on the internet to discover online businesses. Around 40% of them actively provide feedback through Google, while 25% leave reviews on the product’s dedicated website.

Notably, one-third of Gen Z and Millennials expressed that their trust in a brand or product increased after witnessing influencers endorsing and reviewing them.

Shifting our focus to Gen X, we encounter a slightly different landscape due to the characteristics of this unique generation. Approximately 78% of Gen X individuals make at least one digital purchase per year, with a total of around 306 transactions. Before finalizing a purchase, they dedicate an average of 13 minutes to reading reviews. On average, they spend $60 per transaction.

Surprisingly, even if a product holds a three-star rating, the majority of Gen X buyers remain inclined to make the purchase, aligning with the trends observed among Gen Z and Millennials. To foster trust, marketers should consider including 10 Q&A sessions, 11 images, and 4 videos. Now, how do these individuals make online purchases?

Our experts’ data highlights a significant divergence between this generation and their younger counterparts. Unlike Gen Z and Millennials, 50% of Gen X buyers do not blindly follow influencer recommendations.

Finally, let’s turn our attention to the Baby Boomer generation. This older cohort engages in fewer transactions per year, averaging around 269. Out of these, 59% utilize digital platforms for their purchases. Baby Boomers typically spend approximately 10 minutes reading online reviews, and they prefer a product to have a four-star rating to instill confidence.

When it comes to building trust, the Baby Boomer generation requires only 9 Q&A sessions, 6 images, and two videos. Interestingly, they tend to leave reviews directly on the business’s website rather than on Google. Moreover, only 6% of Baby Boomers rely on the web for product research.

Unsurprisingly, a vast majority (79%) of Baby Boomers do not follow any influencers.

From these findings, it is evident that online reviews wield a more substantial influence on younger generations compared to their older counterparts.

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