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Habits of Successful People to Achieve Your Goals

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Routines can be powerful tools to achieve excellence in life. As Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Successful people are not inherently smarter or possess more willpower. Rather, they have cultivated habits that provide them with the energy, time, and drive needed to be their best selves and accomplish their goals. By emulating their daily routines, you can achieve similar success.

Starting Your Day Right

While waking up early is often touted as a common practice among successful people, it isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Barack Obama and Winston Churchill worked late hours, while many authors and artists are night owls. The key is to establish a consistent schedule and begin each day with a strong morning ritual.

Successful people have varying morning routines that include exercise, meditation, journaling, and healthy breakfasts. For example, Obama starts with a 45-minute workout and green tea, while Tony Robbins incorporates exercise, meditation, and a cold plunge. By adopting at least some of these habits, you can set yourself up for a productive day.

Intention Setting for Success

Meditation, journaling, and visualization are common practices among successful people that aid in intention setting. These habits help you establish a positive mindset and sense of accomplishment that can carry you throughout the day. Tony Robbins uses his proprietary priming method, while Arnold Schwarzenegger experimented with transcendental meditation. Connor McGregor has lauded visualization for unlocking his potential.

Journaling is another effective method for intention setting. Joe Gebbia, the founder of Airbnb, uses Tony Robbins’ Rapid Planning Method, while Tim Ferriss prefers the Five-Minute Journal or Morning Pages to work through obstacles and stressors. Actor Hugh Jackman writes his intentions for the upcoming day in the past tense, as if they have already happened, to manifest his goals.

Prioritize Your Physical Health

Your body is a remarkable machine that enables you to accomplish your dreams, but it requires proper maintenance to perform at peak levels. This is why the daily routines of successful individuals always include eating healthy and exercising. Begin your day with protein, fiber, and good fats for energy, but don’t stop consuming healthy foods after breakfast. A diet rich in alkaline foods such as green vegetables, nuts, and whole grains can boost your energy and focus. Conor McGregor, for example, eats lean meats like chicken and salmon, eggs, fruits, and greens while avoiding carbs and caffeine to maintain high energy levels.

Exercise is another crucial daily habit of successful individuals. Tony starts his day with an intense 15-minute routine that pushes him to the brink of exhaustion. Hugh Jackman prefers a rowing machine, while many entrepreneurs participate in action sports. For instance, Richard Branson’s XTC competition culminates in a weekend of kiteboarding with the man himself. Since business is an extreme sport, it’s no surprise that successful entrepreneurs are adrenaline seekers.

Maximize Your Cognitive Abilities

Highly successful individuals don’t necessarily have more brainpower than the rest of us, but they know how to utilize their cognitive abilities more effectively. Their daily routines acknowledge that human beings have limited cognitive resources. They tackle their most difficult tasks first and schedule significant meetings for the morning when cognition is highest. They eliminate distractions such as social media, chat programs, and even smartphones. They also recognize the power of noise-cancelling headphones and uplifting music.

Another way to maximize your cognitive abilities is to reduce trivial decisions. Obama chose his attire the night before and only wore blue and grey suits throughout his presidency. Jeremy Kauffman, a successful venture capitalist, avoids making as many choices as possible throughout the day, including what to wear, what route to take to work, and what to eat for lunch. Following a routine frees up your brain to concentrate on more difficult decisions.

Foster Continuous Learning

Learning is critical to personal growth, leadership, and a fulfilling life, which is why it is always a part of the daily routine of successful individuals. Tony Robbins claims, “Every time you think you’ve reached your full potential in any area of life – your body, emotions, spirit, finances – there is always another level.” Those who have achieved great success are passionate about constantly expanding their knowledge. They feed their minds daily by reading, listening to podcasts, and conversing with others.

Surrounding yourself with positive, like-minded individuals who share your goals means you always have someone to learn from. Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress, makes a point of meeting with leaders and entrepreneurs from various fields because he knows he can apply their advice to his own life. He is also an avid reader – another common daily habit among successful individuals.



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