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Gmail’s Revolutionary AI Feature: Let AI Take Over Your Email Writing

Artificial Intelligence

Google has introduced an innovative solution, Help Me Write, designed to alleviate the tedious task of composing common emails.

Over the past five decades, email has completely transformed our communication methods, but it has also become burdensome. Mundane tasks like scheduling a pet sitter, requesting medical records from a doctor, or seeking refunds from retailers have turned email into a chore.

In a recent announcement at the Google I/O event, CEO Sundar Pichai unveiled Help Me Write, a cutting-edge addition to Gmail. Powered by Google’s proprietary AI technology, this new service will automatically generate personalized messages for Gmail, text messages, and other Google applications.

With an astonishing 1.8 billion active Gmail users, Help Me Write is poised to revolutionize the way people communicate through email. Discover more about the inner workings of Help Me Write and its availability in Gmail and other Google software.

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Unveiling the Functionality of Help Me Write in Gmail

The groundbreaking Help Me Write feature, catering to generative AI email creation, will build upon Google’s “Smart Compose” feature introduced in 2018 and the “Smart Reply” feature added in 2017.

While Smart Reply provides basic automated responses and Smart Compose suggests text as you type, Help Me Write surpasses both by generating complete emails from simple prompts. It even offers a “refine” button to condense, elaborate, or enhance the formality of the email. You can further customize the email manually or send it as-is.

During his demonstration at Google I/O, Pichai utilized Help Me Write to draft an email requesting a full refund for a canceled flight. Help Me Write autonomously composed the email using relevant details extracted from the airline’s voucher offer, starting from scratch.

The Anticipated Arrival of Help Me Write for Gmail Users

Since March, a fortunate group of Google Docs and Gmail testers have been harnessing the power of Help Me Write. Additionally, a similar cohort of Google testers will soon have access to AI helpers for Google Sheets and Google Slides, scheduled for June.

During the announcement, Pichai confirmed that Help Me Write will be made available to all Google users through an update to Google Workspace. However, the exact timeline for this release has yet to be established.

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