Facebook to Offer Subscription-Based Groups

If testing is successful, the social media giant will offer subscriptions that include access to a wide range of exclusive content like trainings, articles and more.
Facebook recently announced it has begun testing private Subscription Groups, in which members would pay a monthly fee in exchange for access into select private groups on the social platform, typically centering around a shared industry or interest.

Facebook is only the latest media titan to try its hand at a paid-subscription based paywall. Medium, Patreon and others also offer varying (and ever-evolving) models around exclusive access and content.

While admins have long had the capability to charge subscription fees or cordon off some groups just for subscribers, they have had to manually track or use cumbersome third-party apps, with limited and at times clunky integration capabilities. However, this new trial uses more seamless and intuitive built-in tools, billing users directly through inFix Your Innovation Rut-dreams animation-app purchasing tools on iOS or Android.

Of note, Facebook won’t be taking a cut of the subscription fees (at least not for now). In a blog post, Facebook explained that this trial was designed as “part of our overall approach to helping creators and leaders to financially support the work they do to engage their fans and communities.”

At the moment, the pilot program is limited to only a few groups, ranging in price from $9.99 per month (for the “Cooking on a Budget: Recipes and Meal Planning” group) to $30 monthly (for the “Grown and Flown Parents” group). Subscriptions include access to a wide range of exclusive content like trainings, articles and more.

The social giant has yet to confirm if this feature will eventually roll out more widely, but small business owners and contractors should keep a close eye on the pilot program and its possibilities. Facebook’s paid subscription groups could potentially help a wide swath of business owners gain deeper engagement and increased revenue.

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