Do You Need a Facebook Page to Use Instagram for Business?

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Take advantage of the ways your company’s Facebook and Instagram accounts work together to reach more customers on social media.

Here is how you can reach more customers on social media by properly setting up and utilizing Facebook and Instagram for Business.

Instagram is owned by Facebook, and the business accounts on the two social media platforms are integrated. This means that to use Instagram for Business you must first have a Facebook Business Page for your company. Small business owners can take advantage of the shared features between Facebook and Instagram to attract more social media users that can become loyal customers.

The good news is, if you already have a Facebook page for your business or if you use Facebook Ads, you’re well on your way to setting up a company Instagram account.

“The merger of Facebook Business Pages with Instagram for Business has made it a great visibility tool for businesses, especially since Instagram now has 500 million monthly users,” said Aristotle Eliopoulos, social media specialist with digital marketing agency 9thCO.

Facebook’s integration with Instagram provides benefits, including.

More Ad Options. Your Facebook account allows you to create more advanced ad campaigns in Facebook Ads Manager or Power Editor. From the Manage Ads tab, you can create new campaigns, choose an advertising objective and manage your budget in more detail.

Better analytics.Instagram for Business includes access to Insights, a free analytics tool that can help you understand who your followers are and what they’re interested in. When you pay to run advertising campaigns on Instagram, you’ll get detailed analytics on the performance of your ads in the Facebook Ads Manager or in the Power Editor tool.

Multi-platform followers. Many people use both platforms for personal and business use. So when you run an ad or a contest on one platform, asking users on the other platform to click over to visit your post is a more reasonable than asking them to visit less popular social media sites. Encourage your followers on each account to like both your Facebook and Instagram pages to reach more people.

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