Cut Hackers Off At The Pass

Hackers. It’s a word that evokes fear in the mightiest and the tiniest of companies. Everyone is at risk. And everyone needs security that rivals Fort Knox, as well as crystal clear employee messaging about the dos and don’ts to ensure data is protected.

According to an IBM study, 95 percent of business cyber attacks are caused by human error – and it’s often the stuff we take for granted at the root:

– Click cautiously: Hackers are creating more believable emails and landing pages, enticing you to click and give up credentials. Always hover over the button to see if the URL matches the site it’s claiming to be before you click.

– Take precautions: Web browsers have features (check the preferences) that flag fraudulent sites – use them.

– Protect passwords: Seems obvious, but humans often get password-lazy. Don’t re-use them. Don’t share them. And make them challenging. Passwords are your first line of defense.

Remember, even with security software and processes inplace, protecting data has to start with people. Make sure you’re covered.

Blog Credit: Manta

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