Customers Know Best

Customers are generally top of mind for those running a business, but are you giving them what they need? It should come as no surprise that most people (97 percent, actually) research products or services before buying. Yet, many small business websites miss key elements consumers look for in an initial review.

Don’t overlook the basics:

1. Hours of operation: Customers don’t like shawing up to a closed store.

2. Correct address: Drop the breadcrumbs, so they can find their way.

3. Phone number: If they have a question & can’t find your number, you’ll be out a potential sale.

4. Easy navigation: If you make them dig, you’ll lose them.

5. Redecorate once in a while: Sites need updating to keep things fresh.

Passing or failing a consumer’s test in that first look review could mean the difference between them staying and buying, or moving on to your competitor. And, since research can be done from a desktop, laptop, tablet, phone (even your wrist if you’ve added a little tech-style to your wardrobe), don’t overlook the tiny—but very important—details on every device.

Article source: Manta


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