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No two financial service providers are the same—that’s why here at Brass City Media, we offer personalized content marketing services for each of our clients. We take the time to conduct comprehensive, customized strategy assessments and use that data as the working template for our targeted content development and distribution plan.

We combine proven inbound marketing and content marketing strategies to create videos, articles, infographics and events to educate, inform and spark conversations with your audience.


Unique, value-added articles and blogs are the backbone of every successful content marketing campaign, boosting brand recognition and credibility with your target audience. Our team of web-savvy writers deliver concise, crisp copy that engages, enlightens and encourages readers to become repeat visitors to your website.

Here are some examples of web articles that we’ve produced for our clients.


Struggling to translate complex financial-speak into a language your audience understands? Our customized infographics transform complex statistics and financial data into captivating, concise visual presentations that are easily digested by your target market. Mobile-friendly and easily shared on social media, these powerful, attention-grabbing digital snapshots captivate the attention of today’s visual-orientated audiences who prefer ‘show’ over ‘tell’.


Grow brand loyalty, recognition and trust with informative and entertaining ‘explainer’ videos. We integrate educational, engaging video with your social media channels, website and advertising campaigns to deliver a comprehensive, multi-media branding and content marketing package. Brass City Media distributes your videos to the right outlets, at the right time, ensuring your message reaches your target market.

Native Advertising

Scalable, impactful and highly-effective, native advertising provides businesses with a forum for their high-quality, information-based content marketing materials through sponsored blog posts, videos and editorials in targeted publications and news feeds. We use native ads to focus on building brand awareness and credibility through affiliation, capitalizing on the power of affiliation.


Establish your brand and boost consumer confidence with e-books that are mobile-friendly and easily digested during a morning train commute or over a lunch break. We develop e-books for use in special offers, promotions and as incentives for your audience to do something, such as sign up for newsletters, provide their contact information or share your brand on social media.

White Papers

Want to deliver high-level financial information in a time-tested format? Brass City Media creates and distributes industry-standard white papers that deliver real value to members of your target market, those who might otherwise be excluded by the ‘bells and whistles’ of infographics, videos and social media content marketing.

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