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If Your Business Has Been Impacted By Covid19 during 2020 & 2021 Fill Up The Form You Might WIN $7,000 Grant.

If you WIN $7,000 GRANT that investment will be used to build a new world-class website for your buiness, you'll receive help and assistance to create your social media channels in the right way. This Grant was designed and created to help Small Businesses that are not able to pay for a complete and professional site, and they are not willing to pay between $500 to $900 per year to DIY companies such as Wix, Shopify, Square. This GRANT is ideal for Micro and Small businesses, Organizations, Ecommerce entrepreneurs that didn't reach $800k in revenues in 2020.
If your company is selected you must be ready to pay in any of these 2 available options: One-time fee of $1,200 (includes the website and LIFETIME Hosting) or 4 installments of $400. LIFETIME Hosting included.

Fill out the form and let's see if your business qualifies for this unique opportunity. You will receive a call to talk about your current challenges and services in order to implement the right design and strategy to make your business more relevant in front of your audience.


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    team will review your application ASAP.

    I own a micro or small businessMy Revenues were lower in 2020 compared to 2019I can not afford to pay $8,500 for a Professional SiteI will be committed to provide feedback and approvalsI'm ready to pay in full $1,200I need time and I'm willing to pay 4 installments of $400I want LIFETIME Hosting

    We value privacy and will never share your information.

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