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Facebook to Offer Subscription-Based Groups

If testing is successful, the social media giant will offer subscriptions that include access to a wide range of exclusive content like trainings, articles and more. Facebook recently announced it has begun testing private Subscription Groups, in which members would pay…

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Your customers are on mobile devices and on the go. Your mobile app will resonate with loyal customers.. consumers have 24 apps on their phones...

Should You Invest in a Mobile App for Your Business?

Mobile applications used to be for large companies who could handle the expenses. But now, with the advancement of HTML5 and other development technologies, small businesses can take advantage of the mobile app function as well. The question then becomes not one…

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7 Productivity Apps You Can't Live Without

7 Productivity Apps You Can’t Live Without

Whether you’re an avid user of personal productivity apps already, or you’re just downloading one for the first time, consider this refreshed list of options. – Magneto: A Magneto Calendar was designed for quick meeting scheduling. It gives users a clearer…

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Lily's 'Throw and Shoot' Selfie Drone Camera Will Follow and Film You

Lily’s ‘Throw and Shoot’ Selfie Drone Camera Will Follow and Film You

Many drones with cameras attached have taken off in tech in recent years but the new self-flying ‘throw and shoot’ product from Lily is looking to re-invent the idea. “Lily is the world’s first throw-and-shoot- camera. It lets anyone create cinematic…

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