Anthony’s Reglazing approached Dreams Animation with their company that had just been acquired at the time, in order to approach home-owners, supers, and property managers for their services. This start-up company began their direct marketing, handing out flyers, knocking on doors from house to house, and spreading the services through word of mouth. Unfortunately, this company did not have a website, any online networks or a way of being recognized or known. They also did not receive phone calls or customer/audience traffic.

  • No identity
  • Traditional advertising
  • Lack of marketing knowledge
  • Used a do-it-yourself platform with no SEO
  • No mobile extensions
  • Lack of social network


 Anthony’s goal is to increase clientele and generate sales through calls. Their target is centralized in Nassau, Long Island New York. By focusing on target audiences, demographics, groups based on companies, job titles, and keyword analysis, it narrowed down their approach to property and  homeowners, contractors, realtors, hotel businesses, and more.

 Building Online Identity

 After collecting data we developed brand positioning visual identity.

  • Logo design
  • Seo optimization
  • Target audience analysis
  • Content driven
  • Service pages, testimonies and easy to click links
  • adWords Mobile extensions

Over the Phone Customer Reach:

During the first stages of advertising, Anthony’s Reglazing did not get frequent phone calls or hve the right resources to receive those calls. Now,  with the help of advertising and promotion the calls have become an integral part of Anthony’s marketing strategy to provide more personalized service to customers. Anthony’s also has AdWords call extensions to make it convenient and easier for customers to click-to-call directly from mobile search ads, social media and the personal website.


 Upon working with Dreams and obtaining a brand new website, they were able to gain exposure and receive now at least 50 calls a month and over 70 emails in a month. We provided Anthony’s with a 1-800 number to generate an invoice on a monthly basis.

 Anthony’s reglazing came to Dreams making around $3,000 on sales a month. After launching their new site and using AdWords they now have reported over $55,000 a month since July 10th until now!

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