Dreams Animation Nominated for Best Web Services in Best of the Boro 2019 – Cast Your Vote


Dreams Animation is nominated in Category of Best Web Services! 

2019 Best of the Boro Awards- presented by the BethPage Federal Credit Union.

Bethpage Federal Credit Union has announced that Dreams Animation is nominated for Best Web Services in the Best of the Boro 2019 awards. The exposure of Best of the Boro is enormous for the businesses involved such as Schneps Communications, publisher of QNS.com, The Queens Courier, Courier Sun, Ridgewood Times, Times Newsweekly, BORO Magazine, LIC Courier Magazine and several other local outlets.

The Best of the Boro’s “impact is undeniable”—it touches hearts and changes lives with these unique and distinguished marks of excellence. They have chosen Dreams Animation based on the many companies and reviews provided from customer confidence, experience, reputation and professionalism. Hundreds of businesses are nominated and thousands of the public vote each year. Along with this distinction comes a great deal of pride to be chosen for our efforts and work along the years.

Spokesperson and CEO Ricardo Diaz de la Vega quotes “Dreams Animation is disrupting the web design industry by setting new and high standards to support local businesses every step of the way”.

Dreams Animation is an award-winning advertising agency that has helped expand and rapidly grow many businesses on a professional level. This company has turned years of data collection and dreams of engaging in an informative web portal into reality. The team goes above and beyond for their clients, anticipating in long relationships with clientele needs.

From May 28 to August 31st, voting is open for the Best of the Boro program. During this period, everyone can vote for whatever local nominees they feel should hold a Best of the Boro title. With this amazing privilege, we want the community we engage and work with to participate in voting at BethPage for Dreams Animation to win in the category of Best Web Services.

You can vote online for Dreams Animation to win Best Web Services 2019: Cast Your Vote Here – Best Of The Boro

STEPS for voting:

  1. click on services under categories
  2. scroll down to web services
  3. click on Dreams Animation.

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