Be All Ears On Social Media

Social media is the place customers go to rant, rave and review products and businesses—even business owners. It’s like small business surveillance to get the inside story about what people say and think about your brand, as well as identify leads and build relationships.

Most small business owners are on social media platforms, and while we don’t recommend trolling sites all day in lieu of getting actual work done, there are a myriad of ways to keep up with what’s happening. Some options include:

– Google Alerts: Easy and free, you’ll get emails in your inbox anytime your company’s name is mentioned online.

– Perch: An app that monitors reviews and social posts about you (and your competition).

– Hootsuite: A dashboard to manage all of your social sites.

Take advantage of what you hear to improve and grow, respond to customers, build relationships, find your influencers and create a well-oiled social media marketing machine.

Blog Credit: Manta

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