6 Holiday eCommerce Strategies To Boost Your Sales

Every year, Christmas comes a little earlier. This means that as a business owner, it is time to start planning your holiday eCommerce strategies. The period from early-bird deals to post-Christmas flash sales is getting longer and longer all the time. You may have noticed many retailers have already started offering discounts for their products.

But not only is sales time is growing — discounts themselves are constantly increasing to entice customers.

However, for small retailers, offering large discounts is not as easy as it is for big companies. When the market is flooded with special offers, how can you compete? How do you not get sucked into the deep discounting carousel?

Luckily for you, we have the answer. Check out these 6 holiday eCommerce strategies to turn your store into a magnet for holiday shoppers – without discounting your products.

Add Holiday Keywords to Your Product Descriptions

Meta descriptions are words that Google uses to crawl your content and to display it when people type in relevant search words.

Just take a look at Google Trends. Between October 25 and December 26, people’s interest in buying gifts grows very fast:


Google Trends - holiday ecommerce strategies

Searches for “buy gifts” increased by 300% during the holiday season last year. Drive more traffic to your store with a very simple holiday eCommerce strategy – adding words like “gift for him”, “gift for her”, “gift guide”, “Christmas”, “Thanksgiving”, etc.

Spend some time researching keywords for your particular niche, for example with the WordStream tool. Then open your control panel at Catalog → Products → SEO and add SEO-friendly keywords to your product descriptions.


Use a Holiday-Themed Chat Assistant

This holiday eCommerce strategy is all about adding some fun to your storefront.

It doesn’t promise you eight-figure sales, but it definitely guarantees an improved user experience. And an improved user experience equals a lower number of unfinished orders.

You might know how it feels to wander around online stores offering “creative gifts” and to get lost in tons of useless stuff. Help your customers find what they need and make them smile at the same time, by adding a holiday character instead of an ordinary assistant.

Here’s how to make a holiday assistant:

    • Install Chatra (it’s free).
    • Create a character. Use all your imagination.

Chatra live chat - holiday ecommerce strategies

Could you resist chatting to Bad Santa?


Partner Up

Since the need for creative holiday gifts increases everywhere during the holiday season, there are plenty of apps that help people find the best gifts.

Such services crawl the best gift ideas from online stores. If you submit to partnering with a gift ideas app, tool or service (especially if you sell unique products), chances are you’ll receive a lot of free (or at least cheap) well-targeted traffic.

Here’s what Shannon from SouthernPawz.com DreamsCommerce store says about partnering:

Partner up with other local small businesses to unite forces and boost sales for everyone.Shannon Jones, SouthernPawz

Last year Shannon created a high-end pet treat business and had early success distributing to local pet retailers.

She’s recently launched a side venture marketing pet gift baskets that include her treats, an adorable “Simply Southern Scarff” and other doggie goodies like the “Rawhide Rollup” from White Oak Pastures and Wildflower Honey from H.L. Franklin’s Healthy Honey.


Partnering up is fun - holiday ecommerce strategies

This is an ingenious holiday eCommerce strategy that will benefit both you and your partner.


Take Part in a Charity Program

Sales shouldn’t be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of entering a charity program. However, it is a great way to attract more attention to what you do.

Without a doubt, this is one of our holiday eCommerce strategies that needs to be carefully considered and works best when done meaningfully. Think of how your business relates to solving big world problems and add a personal touch.

Maybe someone you know suffers from a disease, maybe you belong to a charity organization, or maybe you come from a region with specific issues. The problem should be connected to your niche and background so that you can make your customers feel that their purchases mean something.

Once you’ve settled on your cause, you need to decide how you will raise money. There are many ways to donate to charities. For example, you donate $1 from every purchase or 2% of your total sales for a certain period, or you let customers donate as much as they want at the checkout.

Aspects Of The Dead sells artworks by professional tattoo artist and illustrator Brandon Stewart. Brandon created a separate product category with necklaces to collect money for Kristin, his long-time friend who is fighting breast cancer.


Aspects of the Dead


Images: www.aspectsofthedead.com

You can collect money just like Brandon does, or ask for donations at the checkout. In this case, customers can decide how much they donate, with or without a minimum threshold.

Doing something that benefits others (especially during the holiday season) is not only good for your business reputation. It also gives you a sense of peace, and means that your business endeavours have a higher purpose. Learn more about how love and happiness are key ingredients for success here. 

Add Value

Sometimes, the lowest price is not what matters the most.

In actuality, beautiful packaging, fast shipping, or a wide assortment of colors/sizes are all major influences on a customer’s decision to shop in your store. This is particularly true of customers who are searching for the perfect gift.

Let’s say you sell bikes, like www.sutterstreetcruisers.com does. Add personalization options that allow shoppers to customize their orders:




You can easily set up additional parameters in Product Options too.

Offer Free Shipping

Most likely there is no need to explain why this is a proven killer tactic to replace discounts in your store.

Out of all our holiday eCommerce strategies, this is the simplest AND the most effective. Shipping costs are often the reason why people abandon their baskets. Therefore, offering a free shipping promotion for a limited time is a great way to give people the push they need to revisit and complete their transaction. This is a simple strategy that delivers a significant rise in sales at minimal cost to you.


At Dreams Animation, we have years of experience in eCommerce marketing utilizing latest trends used by online shoppers such as Google Shopping, Adwords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Shop, etc. If you want to give your business the edge this season, get in touch today on 212.202.0767 to discover what other holiday eCommerce strategies we have up our sleeves!

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