3 Powerful Strategies to Scale Your Online Store

By Laura Garzon –  Dreams Animation Staff 


Imagine visiting a new online store for the very first time people don’t know anything about your brand, quality of products, or commitment to customer satisfaction. Each client is looking for any proof that your business meets their needs. You need to earn customers’ trust before they’ll choose to buy from you. At Dreams Animation, we have partnered with business leaders to design and code their personalized store, this has allowed us to help more people to build world-class online stores. We are committed to sharing 3 powerful strategies to win customer trust and start growing your e-commerce business from the ground up.


1. Share the human side of your business 

Consider introducing yourself to your customers, especially if it would add authenticity and credibility to your business. Make good use of the about page on your site, by focusing on you as the business owner instead of just your products, you can tell your storybrand and legendary story at the same time, which helps customers to engage and understand your real purpose till the point they will get to know you more, which lays the foundation for them to trust your business.

It’s really important to bear in mind that It’s only to show the store owners’ personal experience in the industry and demonstrates expertise, but also explains your reasoning for wanting to do better by your customers. With this, you can add a human face to your own business entwining your storybrand. 


2. Build a relationship through the right content 

Content is a powerful tool for connecting with new users who have no idea who you are, giving the chance to slowly introduce yourself to them without being pushy.  Content marketing is an exceptional way to demonstrate your expertise. If your customers see that you, as the store’s owner, really know your stuff, they’ll believe in the quality of the products or services you offer. It’s key for content marketing to be effective, you must provide high-value, high-quality content on a regular basis.


3. Empower your online store 

A great return policy is seen as a sign of quality customer service. It shows you prioritize the customer experience and your confidence in your products, so much so that customers can send it back for a refund if they don’t like it. Return policies immediately lower the potential risk your customers assume when they buy online. If you offer free returns within thirty days, no questions asked, people will be a lot more willing to purchase from you. If you can’t afford to offer free returns to all of your customers, consider offering it only to loyalty program members.

Lastly, remember to take an honest close look at your store, on desktop and mobile, from your homepage to checkout. Comb your site for small mistakes. If there are obvious spelling or grammar errors in your copy, you can lose credibility and hurt your conversion rates. Broken links also look sloppy, and poor quality graphics look unprofessional and cheap. These might seem small but they can affect whether a customer trusts you in just a split second, so don’t ignore these details.

In short, trust is a requisite for purchase, especially when shoppers today have countless options available at the click of a mouse. Every business owner has to start at the bottom with no sales and no social proof to leverage. With the strategies mentioned above in place, you’ll hopefully be in a better position to win your first few sales and work your way up to a reputation that continually inspires trust from a growing customer base. If you still don’t have an online store but you’re planning soon to build one, contact us. We are here to help any business leader, influencer, coach, and consultant.

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