Sell Crafts Online: 20 DIY Product Ideas

DIY-ers have a huge opportunity to sell online. By creating something unique, they’re able to attract customers who are looking for that one-of-a-kind, handmade product. You’re not going to find too many uncommon craft items on Amazon. Tin foil, socks and electronics, sure.

But figuring out how you can put artistic skills to work can be a little bit tricky. What do you make? How can you offer something new and special? Something 500 others aren’t already promoting online.

Crafty types, take heart. It’s easier than ever these days to sell crafts online.

We’ve gathered 20 simple, low-cost DIY crafts that you can make and sell with minimal startup expenses. Even better: there’s no official training needed and certainly nothing requiring a professional sculptor’s skills.

Read on to get inspired and learn just how easy it can be to sell crafts online and turn a hobby into a money-making venture.

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs have been rising since early 2015, and today, the market for these fizzing bathtub potions are more popular than ever before. Even more interesting: the materials that go into them are very inexpensive.

The few basic ingredients for these DIY crafts (baking soda, epsom salts, food coloring, to name a few) can be purchased in large quantities inexpensively — meaning high margins for you!

Video tutorial: How to make DIY bath bombs


Candles are DIY crafts that can be sold year-round. Since most people won’t splurge on quality candles for themselves, they make great gifts. With birthdays, anniversaries, and many holidays year round, you’ve always got a reason to keep customers coming back for more. By purchasing bulk wax and scented oils, you can create many different scent combinations in a variety of different sizes and shapes. And the really good news: You can launch a candle-making operation for under $100. Such an easy and low-cost way to sell crafts online!

DIY candles - sell crafts online


Step-by-step tutorial: Make your own soy candles

Pet Toys

The ASPCA estimates there are about 70-80 million dogs alone within the United States, and the APPA indicates that more than $60 billion is spent on the pet industry each year. Needless to say, people love their pets–and they’re happy to shell out some money to make them happy. You can tap into this massive market by creating handmade, eco-friendly toys for pets that are made from low-cost recycled materials. There are a lot of YouTube video tutorials for such DIY crafts.

DIY pet toys


Step-by-step tutorial: DIY rope chew toy for dogs

Handmade Soap

More and more consumers want to incorporate safe, organic cleaning products into their daily lives. Capitalize on this movement by creating and marketing your own, made-from-scratch products, like hand soap. With minimal startup investment, you can purchase soap-making materials and start creating unique DIY crafts to sell within this market.

Like candles, every host or hostess, sister or uncle appreciates items that make them feel spoiled. With the amazing varieties of scents and dyes available, it’s easy to develop products for specific markets. In the United States, one woman makes a living using the spent grain from breweries to make soaps the brewery then brands and sells as keepsakes.

DIY soap - sell crafts online


Tutorial: DIY gemstone soap

Printed Throw Pillows

Did you know the home decor market brings in about $62.5 billion each year? It’s true. That’s why entering this segment of the marketplace makes a lot of sense — especially if you have a completely unique offering, like custom printed throw pillows. Personalized throw pillows allow shoppers and gift buyers to express their pride and identity. And you don’t need a screen printing shop to get started — you can do this at home.

Video tutorial: Printed throw pillows how-to

Resin Jewelry

Resin jewelry is simple to make, and a starter kit is relatively inexpensive. With a bit of patience and an eye for design, you can create beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces to sell online. Plus, using clear resin, you can even offer photo-based jewelry creations that allow your customers to turn a favorite image into a treasured piece of jewelry.

DIY resin jewelry


Tutorial: How to make resin jewelry

Customized Dinner Napkins or Hand Towels

For the home decorator that loves details, customized napkins or hand towels are an important design piece. With minimal sewing skills and a few low-cost materials, you can DIY beautiful table accents and customized creations for the world’s devoted home decorators. In just a few hours, you can create a large inventory of products and start selling right away.

napkins - sell crafts online


Tutorial: Creating custom made dinner napkins


The keychain never goes out of style. Having long out-lived its practical purpose, today, dangling initials make it an identity piece, animals broadcast an animal lover and scenes from tourist attractions reveal the user as a traveler. Using materials like leather, canvas, plastic, or cloth, you can create keychains for customers with all kinds of interests and habits. Sell to both men and women, keeping your market large. Bonus: keychains’ small size ensure your materials go a long way.

DIY key chain


Step-by-step how-to: Make a DIY leather keychain


Tote Bags

Did you know that the average person uses about 425 plastic grocery bags a year? As more and more states strive to cut down on plastic bag use, tote bags are becoming more important than ever before. From the grocery store to the coffee shop, these versatile catch-alls have a huge market–and they’re extremely inexpensive to make. By offering a unique design or message on your tote bags, you can attract customers and differentiate yourself from competitors.

Similar to other DIY crafts on this list, making a tote bag is such a simple way to sell crafts online.

DIY polka dot tote bag


Tutorial: Make a polka dot canvas tote bag

Holiday Ornaments or Gift Tags

For many families, buying new holiday decor each year is a tradition. More, hand-crafted items reflect the care the gift giver takes and can be re-used year after year. Holiday ornaments are just the beginning. Many crafters build from this skill to create similar products like personalized gift tags, napkin holder embellishments, etc. that sell year-round.

The best part: If you’re using a medium like clay, you can make your products for next to nothing — and your profit margins will soar.

DIY Ornaments - sell crafts online


Tutorial: Make your own clay ornaments


Who doesn’t like plants? Put them in a pretty container, and you’ve just upgraded a space. Creating unique planters that speak to different tastes and styles can help shoppers achieve the look they’re going for at home and at work, Often you can build them with low cost raw materials and still make them look chic by incorporating the different designs from contemporary/modern to Victorian or Craftsman.

DIY planter


Tutorial: Create your own concrete planters

Wall Art

Who says framed prints, posters or paintings have to dominate our walls? In 2012, production of arts and cultural goods added more than $698 billion to the US economy. Wall art is such a simple idea to sell crafts online – and it’s certainly a profitable industry!

By sharing your quirky or lovely creations or by making personalized wall decor, you allow consumers to decorate their homes with pieces that are distinctly “them.” See what you can create that’s unique, marketable, and missing from the current wall art marketplace.

DIY wall art


Tutorial: Custom string art wall decor


Fun, cheerful magnets are an easy gift to give — and they’re extremely inexpensive to make. In fact, you can likely create these items for $0.01-0.03 per magnet. Grab some resin, magnets, and some images or drawings, and in a few hours you can make hundreds of magnets to sell online.

DIY magnets



Kid’s Toys

As of 2013, the average amount spent per child per year on toys within the US was about $371, according to Statista. That’s a decent chunk of change. By creating DIY crafts like toys for children of different ages, you can share your creations with little ones who will love your products for years to come. And you don’t have to be a manufacturer, either. With some cloth, paint, and stuffing, you can become the next master toymaker.

DIY pillow


Tutorial: Create a DIY dollhouse pillow

Electronic Accessories

Look around, and you’ll notice that just about everyone has a smartphone or tablet within arm’s reach. Because we tote these expensive pieces of tech with us wherever we go, it makes sense that people are willing to invest in a decent carrying case or accessory to keep it safe. With a willingness to learn a bit of sewing, you can create cases for electronics that are both stylish and useful for a huge market of consumers.

In a climate where boring plastic boxes are everywhere, the “rougher,” the better… or at least more unusual, natural and authentic.

DYI leather ipad case - sell crafts online


Tutorial: Make your own leather iPad case


Ceramic may seem a sophisticated art form, but you can start with making a simple bowl. You will not necessarily need a wheel and expensive equipment for firing your products: consider beginning with just your hands and home oven instead. Again, many consumers interpret this rough look as authentic and interesting compared to the perfected bowls spun perfectly with centrifugal force.

By using acrylic paint, glitter, or even nail polish, you can turn your ceramic DIY crafts into a piece of art. It can be really effortless — watch the video to see how.

Rustic Wooden Designs

If the textures and grains of wood have always intrigued you, the rustic home decor niche could be for you. Since the goal is to keep natural objects in their original forms and hues as much as possible, beginners find making modifications and simple upgrades simple. Another advantage to this crafty path is that you can discover many of your raw materials at the junkyard or thrift store.

Take a look at Woodstock Rustic to get some inspiration and insights into the home decor industry.

Woodstock Rustic team - sell crafts online

Jess in her home-based studio, Woodstock Rustic

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Dread Hair Extensions

Dreads come back in fashion every now and again. Why not adorn the nonconformists who wear them with lovely options? Get some wooden beads, wool, cotton, silk, pewter, fabrics, and you’re ready to go.



If you can source a good cloth or yarn supplier, selling blankets can make you a lot of money. With the right plan, a blanket can look really high-end, even if it’s inexpensive to make.

While crocheting skills come in handy, there are many more ways to make a blanket than hooking — see an example in this video tutorial.

Lip Balm

Did you know that homemade lip balm only takes beeswax, coconut oil, vitamin E and a microwave? Most balms take you less than five minutes to create. Use this video to get started, but you can easily diverge from her recipes by changing up colors and containers.

Check out our guide to making your product look as appealing and attractive as possible online.

DIY Crafts: Your Gateway to E-commerce

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to pick a product and begin your journey to sell crafts online. Whether you’ve been crafting for years or it’s something new you’d like to experiment with, these DIY project ideas offer some simple ideas that you can dive into right away. Today, consumers are moving away from mass-produced goods to those created with love by individual crafters. There’s never been a better time to sell crafts online. From toys to candles, the possibilities are endless: get inspired and figure out how to turn your passion into your job.


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