11 Small Business Experts You Should Follow on Twitter

SMALL BUSINESS TWITTER TIPS – When you’re getting started on Twitter, sifting through the millions of accounts trying to decide who to follow can be daunting. To make it a bit easier, we reached out to some small-business owners to see which Twitter accounts they follow.

Sam McIntire of Deskbright.com suggested:

  • @NYTSmallBiz:  A fantastic Twitter feed run by the New York Times that shares small-business owners’ advice.
  • @ducttape: John Jantsch, a small-business marketing consultant, shares his advice on tools and tips for digital marketing.
  • @SmallBizLady: Ranked by Forbes as the most influential woman for entrepreneurs, Melinda Emerson shares tips on saving time and money when running a small business.
  • @Upwork: A marketplace for freelance and part-time work, it shares tips on leveraging the freelance community to increase your productivity.

Lynn White, owner of Lynn White Designs, recommended:

  • @byReginaTV: Regina Anaejionu provides amazing tutorials for creatives and bloggers so they can look more professional online.
  • @smallbizchat: Melinda Emerson shares a wealth of information for small businesses, including branding, marketing and finance.
  • @marieforleo: Marie Forleo provides a no-nonsense approach to business and offers excellent advice on running your business, from how to handle unhappy clients to making sure you’re being the best you can be.
  • @neilpatel: Neil Patel offers key insights, tips and ideas for improving your blog. Neil understands the issues at hand and how you can fix them.

And Ben Watanabe, founder of 96 Problems, listed his go-to tweeters:

  • @tomfishburne: Tom Fishburne is a cartoonist who publishes great marketing-focused cartoons that are a great mix of The Far Side and Dilbert. Reading his comics can keep you from saying some of the dumb things his characters do.
  • @ProductHunt: A feed of the latest products that might help you run your business better, it’s a great source of content and retweets you can share with your followers and look “in the know.”
  • @meseali: Tips on how to handle your social media marketing through blogs, including a great feed of retweets from other non-mainstream influencers.

(Source: Manta)

If you’re a small business, what other Twitter accounts do you follow? Comment or message us!

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